10 Simple Tips to Acquire Quality and Relevant Traffic to your Website

We all love to see the traffic coming to our website either it be organic, direct, paid or through social media websites. There is no other better sights than the Google analytics graphs that shows you the increase in the overall traffic to your website. Getting traffic to your website will be the ultimate thing that you would like to see and you need to do a lot of activities to achieve it. It is not an easier thing to drive quality and consistent traffic to your website and there needs to be continuous and planned hard work and activities to make it happen.

If you contact any of the webmasters who are having a lot of incoming traffic to their website, they will definitely say that getting traffic to your website on a continuous basis is a difficult thing. You can bring traffic to your website for a short term, but to make it an ongoing habit requires a lot of hard work, dedication and patience. You need to do a mix of Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Paid Marketing, Email Marketing etc. to drive consistent traffic to your website.

A lot of activities can be done so as to drive relevant and consistent traffic to the website and these activities need to be done on a planned and continuous basis.  Here are some of the most basic and simple activities that you can do for a website and expect some sort of traffic coming to your website.

1) Do Proper Keyword Research and Optimize the Website
Do a proper keyword research based on the theme or primary objective of your website and create a list of the most suitable keywords. Implement those keywords onto the Title tag, Meta tags, ALT tags and the content of the website so as to optimize the website for better search engine results. This process is also known as the onpage optimization technique in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Ultimately make sure that the website and its elements are optimized for the finalized keywords you got from the keyword research process.

2) Create Great and Quality Content
Always create great and quality on your website for better search engine results and in the current scenario having a great content simplifies the process of improving the search engine visibility of the website. You will also get traffic from other sources if your content is attractive, compelling and useful to your users. So make sure that your content is unique and of high quality, having the seed keywords from your keyword research and its variables in it.

3) Create Content Consistently
Once you make your website live, you need to consistently update or come up with new content and changes on the website to make it perform better. The loyal users of your website also loves to see changes in your content and may drive them back if you maintain your website or blog with the same content for a long time period. So make sure that you update the content of your website on a regular basis to make it stay fresh and retain the loyal visitors.

4) Build a List of Readers and Send Content
Always start building a list of reader for your website and blog so that you can update those list whenever you change or add new content on your website with the help of various email marketing tools. You can use a opt in form or squeeze form on your website to generate leads or list and you can use this list to send content updates on a regular time interval. This will really help in getting more traffic to your website and note that these traffic will be too much relevant and targeted.

5) Promote on Social Media Websites
This is the world of social media websites and there are a lot of social media websites that are available on the internet. There are general social media websites as well as niche websites which can be used for various activities. If you have a content that is suited to be shared on social media website, then do not wait, rather go to a relevant social media community, share your content and receive traffic to your website.

6) Participate in Forums
At times, forums might look too boring, but the actual fact is that it is one of the best places to gain knowledge and clear doubts regarding your niche. There are certain forums which have a large number of user base and participating in such forums can easily fetch some quality traffic to your website. You can add the link to your website in the signature and some forums even allows posting links in the forum thread.

7) Submit in Quality Directories
Directory submissions are really a thing of the past and there was a time when webmasters used to submit their websites into  a large number of directories, expecting backlinks from those directories. Things have changed a lot since then and these days there is no use in submitting your websites to a chunk of large directories. But still there are some quality directories where you can submit your website and at times there directories might ask for a subscription fee for you to submit. But the fee will be worth as these directories are of high quality and getting listed in them will naturally increase the referral traffic to your website.

8) Go for Article Marketing
As with directory submissions, article marketing is also losing its importance, but there are certain article directories that still maintains their quality and submitting and getting your content approved in those articles can benefit your website. You can include a link to your website in the articles and once it gets published and get promoted, your website might get a good chance of getting some quality traffic.

9) Join Relevant Communities
There are different communities for various niches and joining in these communities can really help in getting traffic to your website. There will be a large number of users in different communities that are related to the same niche of your website and you can use these communities to share your content and extract a good quality traffic back to your website.

10) Participate in Q/A Websites
The Question and Answers websites such as Yahoo Answers, Answers.com and Quora are gaining huge popularity these days and participating in these websites are worth for your website. There are options for providing links to your websites as resources on certain occasions and if you are participating in a popular Q/A session, then you might get a lot of referral traffic to your website that are quite relevant.

The above 10 steps are just few from the long list of tips that can help drive traffic to your website and there are still many other techniques that are not mentioned here so as to avoid a lengthy post. Hope that these tips prove enough for you to drive quality and relevant traffic to your website.


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