How to Implement a Successful Back Link Building Campaign

Back links have been the backbone from the early times of SEO and ever since its importance has taken various forms and webmasters have been doing various steps to make sure that they are doing enough back linking activities to supercharge their SEO campaigns. In the initial period, getting back links was pretty easy and once you have got some back links here and also using your major keywords as the anchor text in the back link, you could easily rank higher in the search engine results pages.

But things have changed rapidly and the search engines have tightened its search algorithm so as to display the most relevant search query results to end users and on behalf of that the search engines have also made a huge crack down on aggressive and spam nature link building activities. Most of the acquired links of the websites have lost its importance in the due course of time and webmasters really hard at realizing the fact that they need to do something special to mould a loyal and trustworthy link building campaign.


These days implementing a successful backlink building campaign has become one of the most tedious task and as the paid links and reciprocal linking system does not work anymore, the webmasters really have a hard time finding backlinks for their websites. These days, rather than going too much towards link building activities, the webmasters tend to induce backlinks through exceptional content and social media marketing. On a personal point of view, I have abandoned the aggressive link building campaign for my clients long ago and still urge on the concept of producing relevant and unique content which can really trigger some great and natural backlinks.

Here are some of the content creation methods that I use to follow so as to generate some good and natural backlinks for my website.

1) Create Useful Content with Effective Keyword Research
Content plays a major role in the success of any SEO campaigns and hence I decided to go out with high quality content for my website. There was  a lot of homework to be done and initially I had to perform a good keyword research on my niche to find out what people are searching on the web that are related to my niche. I gathered some long keywords that had some good amount of traffic with less competition and that can really be used to create content.

When it came to keyword research to find out the best keywords to create content, I used a variety of free as well as paid keyword research tool. My favorite free keyword research tool is Google’s keyword planner and the paid keyword research tool that I found more efficient was the one offerd by SEMRush, a popular online marketing tool. The keyword research tool offered by SEMRush provides a much better insight into each keywords along with other vital datas such as competition, monthly trends, related keywords, competitors in the organic results and the sites the brings ads for a particular keyword search. Overall the keyword tool by SEMRush really proved beneficial for me in creating unique, relevant and compelling content for my website. Ultimately I was a pretty happy man who got a good number of high quality natural links to the contents created based on the keyword research conducted on SEMRush.

If you are looking for creating killer content for the users rather than the search engine spiders, I will highly recommend the use of SEMRush along with Google’s keyword planner tool. Even if SEMRush is a paid tool, the price is worth the amazing features offered by SEMRush such as keyword research, organic search position checking, paid advertising research, Adsense research, back link checker, search position tracker etc. Once you have got a list of keywords that have a good number of search counts, you can start creating content based on those keywords. Since you have done a keyword research with reliable tools, you will drive enough traffic to your content and naturally get some quality backlinks.

2) Get to know about people’s curiosity and doubts
It is  a quite natural fact that we all have doubts and curiosity about various products that we know and often tend to search on the internet either through search engines or other online channels. One of the best place to see what people are asking or what people want to know are the forums and other  question and answer websites such as Yahoo Answers, Wiki Answers etc. Just go on to those forums and Q/A websites and try navigating to the categories that are related to your website’s niche. There you can see a lot of general questions, discussions and answers to  a large number of topics.

After having a look at these Q/A websites you will clearly get an idea what people really wants to know and can start creating content based on their needs and requirements. This activity combined with a smart keyword research using SEMRush or any other keyword research tool will get things working for you. Once you have created the content based on the user’s doubts and requirements on various forums and Q/A websites, you can even share your content on those platforms so that people will go through the content and even provide you a good backlink in case they find the content useful and exceptional.

3) Go Social
Going social is one of the best methods to throw your content to a wide and relevant audience. Before going social, you need to identify the best social media sharing websites where your website and content can be promoted in the best possible ways. There are a lot of social media websites and you really need to select the best ones for promoting your content and website. Once you have found the best social media websites for promoting your content, then you can really start building your social media profile and branding before throwing out your content. Be an active, interactive, loyal and helpful member on the selected social media websites and in the course of time you can really see your social media influence rising.

Once you have the confidence that you are one of the best influencers of a particular social media channels, then you can share your content to the various sections of the social media sites such as groups, communities, pages etc. If your content is creative, relevant and useful, it will not find any difficulty in getting virally shared to a larger audience. Once it gets virally shared, you will get a good number of relevant traffic and also gets a chance of getting your content promoted on other top social media websites. If you website content is highly useful and relevant you will automatically get a handful of quality back links.

So if you have good content, video or images on your website, don’t hesitate to get it shared among the major social media websites and acquire some high quality backlinks. Some of the major social media website where you can share your creative content are Twitter, Facebook, Stumbleupon, Youtube, Reddit, Yahoo Answers etc. There are also various industry specific social media websites where you can post and share your content.

4) Article Marketing
Article marketing is perhaps yet another old strategy of getting backlinks and this includes submitting articles to different article directories with a link or two back to our main website. Article marketing still has a major role in getting quality back links, but of late I have really changed the way I go for article marketing. Rather than submitting the same article content on different article directories, I have decided to the top 2 or 3 article directories to submit articles. While submitting articles to these article directories, I make sure that I create 2 or 3 completely different content for submission and make sure that the anchor text that links back to the main website does not look stuffed or artificial.

Some of the major article submission sites that I chose include Ezinearticle, Hubpages and Squidoo and these are 3 article sites that have withstood the various harsh Google search algorithm changes. These website also make sure that quality and unique content are published and allowed to climb up the ladder. Low quality and irrelevant content are not at all considered by these article directories and hence it is worth getting your article approved in these websites and getting links back to your website.

The above mentioned are just few of the popular link building strategies and I have omitted other techniques such as directory submissions, forum participation, event sponsoring etc. and based on the nature of various websites and its objectives, the link building strategies can vary.  But for me the above points have worked very well for my clients and in the long run I have really enjoyed a great link building campaign that have come quite naturally and in the most ethical way.


  1. Arun Kallarackal says

    Hi George sir,

    You shared some very valuable tips indeed. I mean #1 and #2 were what appealed to me the most. Those points dealt with the quality of the content and knowing what people are looking for, what they are curious to know more about.

    Agreed that creating quality and relevant article is the key. Whatever the niche is, creating good quality, authoritative and awesome articles is good. For these articles stand a good chance to attract natural backlinks. I mean, such articles earns backlinks! :) It is good to know your strategy of targetting particular KWs and writing awesome posts based on them.

    Also, getting to know what people want and writing articles based on their questions is a master move! I’ve bee doing that personally, on an education niche blog of mine. I’d search Quora and Yahoo Answers and look for questions that people ask. Later, I’d write blog posts based on those questions.

    This way, those who find these articles useful are quite sure to link back and share them on social sites also.

    A good read, it was. Could relate well to the points you covered. I found the link to this article on Kingged.


  2. George Abraham says

    Hi Arun,
    Thanks for commenting on the article and happy to know that you liked it. Really appreciate your way of creating content based on the questions asked on Quora and Yahoo Answers. Actually targeting a particular keyword and writing post on them at time backfires, as we tend to get carried away and loses control of the keyword density in the article. So when targeting a particular keyword do not go for over optimization and make sure that your content is readable for the users.

    Very much happy to know that you visited the site from Kingged.

  3. says

    Thanks Mr George for sharing such a great and valuable tips about link building campaign.
    All rights for no 1, 3 and 4.
    About no 2 “Get to know about people’s curiosity and doubts”, this is one of the simplest and most effective ways you can not building links for our websites but also attract visitors, create influence and make money online.

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