How to Do valuable Link Building Outreach for your SEO Campaign

In the domain of Internet marketing, there is completely nothing more significant as link building. Even with this evolution of Search Engine Optimization and the emergence of social media as a new fresh criteria for Google ranking, link building is still holding its place as ever and is a major important strategy that is adopted by SEOs worldwide.

In the real sense, you might always be in the midst of the question on how to go about implementing effective link building. One of the best way to answer this question is to simply look at link building as link earning.  In the past few years the term “link earning” is often heard many a times generally after the Panda and Penguin updates.

But, what does link earning actually imply?

Remember, each and every link should be properly earned through effective content generation which can draw the attention of more people as well as links.

But, how does one go on earning these high-class links?

Well here is a step-by-step guide that will give you a better understanding on how to earn those precious links.

1. Create a target list – Before you get started with an outreach campaign, you should be equipped with a target list of the potential websites from where you would love to receive links from. These websites could be focussed on content, relevancy or both of them. Though this is quite subjective but it should always be dependent on relevancy. There are numerous ways of finding the prospective websites.

2. Create Unique and Compelling Content – When it comes to link exchange you should always have something to exchange and this is an area where unique and persuasive content comes into act. Unique content does not refer to Copyscape passed, rather it refers to the way the topic is addressed. If you really want to earn a valuable link, you need to write on a topic that is not previously covered and at the same time serve as a useful stuff to readers. The website owners generally love unique and compelling content and it is also noted that they have a penchant for content that are fresh and not published anywhere.

3. Create an Effective Outreach Email – One of the most essential and significant feature of link building outreach is to draft a simple and professional email for the website owners (which is often overlooked). Rather that drafting the mail in the traditional way, try to make it different and interesting so that the webmasters tend to read this mail once it is delivered in their inbox.  You must always show the webmaster that you are trying to create something that is unique and valuable.


So, this is how effective link building SEO can outreach your campaign.

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