The 3 Important Components for an Effective SEO in 2014

SEO tactics has changed a lot and Google has made it search algorithm more smart and relevant making it more difficult to do search engine optimization for websites. In 2014, doing SEO for a website is considered to be one of the most challenging jobs, as the search algorithm has become more complex and hard to beat. As we all know, in 2014 SEOs will have to deal with a wide range of search factors and components to improve the overall search visibility of their website. Every month there is an update in Google’s search algorithm involving new factors and parameters.

In spite of all the new search criteria and factors, there are some traditional and  existing components which are still considered to be the most vital and important component for any successful SEO campaign. Based on various articles and resources on the internet, I have come up with the 3 importance components that will provide decisive towards the success of any SEO campaigns. Hope you enjoy it even though the 3 components might sound very much familiar to all.

1) Content
During the initial period of SEO, there was a saying that “Content is King” and still this hold very much true and relevant. Content is the most important ingredient of a website and the quality of a website’s content can determines its performance in the overall search engine visibility and ranking.  The relevancy and quality of your content can indeed reap rich dividends without doing any extra promotional activities and this is where content scores over other components of the website. So if you want to experience improved search engine visibility for your website, then try creating quality, unique and relevant content that fulfils the requirements of the visitors. Create content based on the requirements of your potential audience and this is where the trick lies and also an area which is ignore by a large majority.

2) Links
Getting external links or link building is one of the old tactics for SEO and Google and other search engine did provide extra privileges for website with the large number of back links. But over the time, Google refined its search algorithm related to links and started devaluing low quality spammy backlinks acquired through cheap methods. By the beginning of 2014, the back links factor got a new definition and Google ranks website only that has links from high quality, authoritative and relevant websites. The links from high quality relevant website increases the trustworthiness of your website and this indeed plays a major role in improving your overall search engine visibility and ranking.

3) Social Media
Social Media is the latest of the 3 important ingredients and is here to stay for a long. Social Media has clearly made a niche for itself in the online marketing arena and has become something that adds more value to any SEO campaign. A well planned social media marketing strategy is vital for the success of any SEO activity and is one of the best ways to attract and improve the overall traffic and search engine visibility of a website. The search engines, especially Google takes the social media signals and popularity of a website when it decides upon the search engine ranking and the more popular your website is with the social media sites, higher the chances of getting ranked higher in search results pages.

So content, links and social media are undisputedly the 3 major components that decides the effectiveness of any SEO campaign and in 2014 you can make these three components solid and strong so as to experience a much improved search engine visibility for your website. If these 3 important and basic things are not in place, then you will reach nowhere when it comes to ranking your website higher in search engines.


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