How to Supercharge Your Blogging Potential by Google Products

Many of us are under the wrong assumption that Google has made the lives of bloggers and content generators more miserable, but the truth is something different. Google has been launching products and product updates that are aimed towards success of bloggers and help them out in ways they even think is simply great. So if you are a blog owner and looking for ways to supercharge your blog, here’s how you can supercharge your Blogging by using the following Google Products.

1. Google account
A Google account is the most important of all Google products and services. If you don’t have a Google account and using other accounts such as MSN, Yahoo, AOL and others to connect with your network, then you are definitely missing out on some interesting stuff happening on the web. So go grab a Google account and you have no excuse for it. Registering for Google account is free and your account will be created in a few minutes. But before signing up, you need to remember the following points.

· Make sure that you use a name that is easy to recall and if possible use one which adds your name or business name in it. Your Google account should look something like your username Also, you need to create a strong and unique password that is easy to remember.

· You can also use Google apps to create accounts something like

This tool allows you to add up to 10 users for free. But this offer no longer exists and you have to pay to get a domain name and you can have users with the same domain name for extra fee. For more details visit Google Apps Signup Page.

· To activate your Google Account, you need to click on the verification link in your email which will be sent soon after you have signed up for a service. Once you have activated your Google account you are all set to go.

2. Google Profile
Google profile is a place that helps you to be recognized online and if you optimize it with your blogs posts, search engines will give better rankings to all of your sites. If you have already created your profile, now is the time to check it. Make sure you have entered all the essential details. If you have not yet created one, grab it at Here are the important elements that should not be missed out in your profile:

· Photo: use your recent photo

· Introduction: A brief description about your profession and your hobbies. You need to highlight information related to your product or service.

· Occupation: Mention details related to your business here.

· Places travelled: This information will let your clients know whether your business is restricted to only one region or has other branches too.

· Contact info: This will help people to contact you.

· Employment: Mention the company you are working for and any volunteer positions you have.

· Social network profiles: You may want to link to social network profiles like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

3. Google Groups
Google groups have made it easy to interact and connect with groups of people such as fellow bloggers, affiliates, webmasters, product promoters, etc. Each group is assigned a unique email address and its own discussion forum where group members can exchange information.

Google has many benefits:

· It allows you to organize meetings and social events within your group.

· Find groups created by other bloggers in the Groups Directory. Make your entry into an open group or come out of it whenever you want.

· Read and reply to your blog comments through email and the online discussion forum.

· Your group may be seen by others, so choose a group name that sounds professional.

· Set permissions, choose who can access your group’s posts or send messages to your group.

· Once you have set up a group, invite others to join.

· Google groups are a great way to supercharge your blogging efforts. The simple fact is that you can connect with people of similar interests.

4. Google Analytics
Google analytics is the best way to improve your content. If you are a website owner and are not aware of Google analytics then you’re missing out vital information.

When you log in to Google Analytics with the dashboard of your site, the content overview box appears in the lower right hand corner. It shows the best performing content on your site. Clicking on those links will show you how long a visitor stayed on that page. You’ll have to estimate the time taken by you to read your post and check if it matches the time reported by Google Analytics. If it’s close then you can arrive at a conclusion of how your readers are interacting with your content.

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