Five Ways to Increase Awareness of Your Brand

Brand awareness is probably something you aren’t even aware of. Some brands are so well known that they’re just there, always have been and probably always will be. We associate certain colours, words and phrases with certain products – and this means that the brand managers are doing a good job. If you run a business, whether you are making products or offering services, brand awareness is one of the most important things you can do to achieve success. However great you are, if nobody knows you are there or what you do, then you won’t have any customers – and you won’t have any profits.

Branding is a fairly complex business. Get it right and you will be establishing yourself as a major player in your field. Get it wrong and you will look unprofessional and careless. Here are a few ideas to help:

1. Keep it consistent
Choose your logo and corporate colours carefully, because you will need to use them on everything you’re associated with, from letterheads through to your website, any advertising and printed materials and shop fronts. Customers will start to associate your logo with your business, so keep colours and fonts the same wherever they’re used.

2. Harness new technology
Social media is where it’s at these days and this is one of the best ways of creating a buzz about your brand. Get people talking, give them incentives to like your pages, offer special discounts to those who pass the message on and others will soon follow. Of course you have to offer a good service – remember if your customers are discussing you online you want them to be saying good things!


3. Embrace the old ways
New technology is great, but there is something to be said for the tried and tested methods. People still like to see things in printed format, so don’t just do your advertising online – you will be missing out a huge chunk of your potential new client base. Look at magazine and newspaper advertising and check out any trade publications which are relevant to your business. Advertising in the right place is essential to getting the right customers on board.

4. Roll it out
Branding isn’t just a logo and corporate colours. It is the essence of your business, its ethos and what it represents. So you need a clear set of guidelines to manage everything you are sending to your customers. This includes your tone of voice – the way you write to your customers – design and photography and your advertising strap lines. Are you young and funky or traditional and classic?

5. Be part of the community
Wherever you’re based, get yourself out there, sponsoring local charities, joining in events, taking part in activities – anything you can do to get your name known is going to be good for business.

About the Author: Graham Allen is a marketing and communications expert, who specialises in branding and brand awareness. He keeps up to date with current market developments using sites such as and regularly writes related blogs for a number of websites.


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