How to Use the Opportunities Tab in Google AdWords

The Opportunities Tab is one of the features in Google AdWords that you have probably seen, but never really utilized.

You are not alone! Many webmasters skip the opportunities presented in this feature because at the outset they seem to be designed to make you spend money on Google AdWords, instead of truly furthering your goal of getting excellent ad placements in the SERPs.

An SEM company—or any webmaster for that matter—signsup for AdWordsprimarily for keyword research purposes and to better their chances of scoring really good ad deals. If you haven’t learnt how to take full advantage of the Opportunities Tab yet, it’s time you did!

Uses of Opportunities Tab
This tab primarily shows how well your ads are doing. It helps you analyze if your ads are visible to your target audience and whether or not you can afford to have your ads appear as often as you would want them to be.The second most important thing the tab does is suggest keyword ideas which Google thinks will generate the best results for you. Google generates these suggestions based on the existing keywords in your ad groupscounterchecked with the keywords frequently used by search engine users. In addition, the tab also shows recommended amounts for bidding.

Things You Can Do
The following are the things you can do with the Opportunities Tab:

1.    Accept the suggested campaign ideas and let Google AdWords do the job for you.
If you have the funds to pay for the suggested campaign budget, you can go ahead and simply click on “Use proposed CPC and URL”. This way, you get a leg up on the auction for listings and placements without doing too much work.

2.    Utilize the suggested keywords and launch campaigns on your own.
The best thing about the Opportunities Tab is that it provides you with useful recommendations all the time. It doesn’t matter if you take it up on its bidding offers or not; it will continue recommending keywords for your ads.

When presented with such valuable information, you can take those keyword suggestions and pursue your own ads or SEO campaigns. SEO experts suggest that you keep track of the keyword suggestions (especially when there are matches with your existing ad groups) and keep them for future use.

3.    Use the experiment feature.
This is a very useful feature in the Opportunities Tab, especially if you have hesitations on whether or not to take up its campaign ideas. If the suggested campaign keywords and budget sounds promising but you’re not sure if it will actually work, you can activate this feature so that the suggested campaign will be implemented for an experimental period of 30 days. You can compare before and after results and decide whether to fully pursue the campaign or not.

Remember to make a decision before the end of the 30 days though, because if you don’t stop the experiment after, Google AdWords will automatically make the campaign permanent in your account.

Make the most out of the Opportunities Tab in AdWordsso that you’ll increase visibility, have a better shot at auctions, and snag the choicest placements, among other things.

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