5 Cool Basic SEO Tips for Beginners

Search engine optimization [SEO], frightens some beginner webmasters. Most of the technical terms are complex in themselves, and SEO advice given can be confusing and contradictory. However, search engine optimization should not be a confused affair and if you plan to increase the number of visitors from search engines, then you need to enable people to find your website when they search through any search engine.

Here are some simple search engine optimization  tips for beginner webmasters that can help towards getting quality traffic.

1) Choosing Domain Names
Choosing a domain name is important for two important things such as branding and search engine optimization. The domain name of the website should be relatively short and easy to remember, so that people can easily remember it and associate it with your site.

2) Choosing Keywords
Choosing keywords for your web site usually begins with an important brainstorming session which mainly includes the keyword research part. Try to research and find out keywords that you think describe the theme of your site. Try to be specific and select the keywords that best describe your site.

3) Populate Your Website with Quality Content
Now that you’ve chosen and finalized your keywords, you should write content for your website or blog. Sites that are created simply by copying material from other Internet resources are not credible in the search engines and may get penalized. The content should contain your main keywords and this would help in increasing your overall search engine visibility. Search engines will crawl your website, looking for relevant keywords and quality content. In order to capitalize on your search engine optimization, you must include a sufficient number of keywords so users find your site.

4) Optimize Your Website Code
You have to use keywords, not only in the content, but also in the coding part of your website.  Optimize tags such as Title tags, Meta tags, ALT tags to include the keywords so that they will occupy higher positions in the issuance of the search engines.

5) Link Building
Once your website has a set of keywords with rich and unique content, the next step to a good search engine optimization will be link building and this is often termed as offpage optimization. Here, you have to put a link to your site on other web sites, directories, forums and blogs. You need to post links to quality and relevant Internet resources, avoiding the places that are no more than an accumulation of links.

With these 5 basic SEO tips, even a novice website owner can be on the road to success. All these simple basic SEO steps can significantly increase the number of the target audience for the site. Since most web sites receive the bulk of its traffic from search engines, make sure that users can find you on the search engines as well.


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