10 Twitter Tools for You

Twitter is one of the most popular micro blogging and social media site, which is growing at a rapid pace. A lot of individuals and organizations are using Twitter in order to enhance their sales and marketing. It is also effective in brand building. Twitter is a social media site where you can express your views and thoughts in 140 characters. You can also share links along with your thoughts. A lot of tools are available which makes the usage of Twitter more smooth. I have been trying a lot of tools and each day many new tools emerge, which are simply superb. I would like to share some important Twitter tools that I have found useful in managing Twitter accounts.

1. Twitturly
twitturlyTwitturly is another tool for managing Twitter account and has some similarity with the famous social bookmarking site Digg. Twitturly actually tracks the URLs around Twitter and provides a quick real time view of what people are talking on Twitter. Each time when someone tweets a URL in Twitter, Twitturly takes note of this URL and gives a vote for each Tweet that URL receives by different users. The more votes a URLs get in the last 24 hours, the higher the chances of ranking higher on to the top 100 of Twitturly.

2. TweetDeck

TweetDeck is a desktop softare which helps in managing your Twitter profile efficiently. Tweetdeck displays all your Twitter network activities such as the Tweet made by your friends, direct messages and Replies. It also helps in performing advance searches on the overall Twitter networs, your friend’s tweet etc. This tool is one of the best Twitter tool that I have found out. TweetDeck help in customizing your Twitter experience with columns, groups, saved searches and automatic updates helping you to effortlessly stay updated with the people and topics you care about.

3. Twhirl

Twhirl is also another Desktop software for Twitter, which is based on Adobe Air Platform. It connects to your Twitter account and sends notification for new messages and tweets. It also provides you with options such as retweet, reply etc. Twhirl helps in improving your Twitter experience and offers various configuration options to enhance your Twitter management.

4.  Splitweet
PplitweetSplittweet is aimed at offering Tweet services for those who needs to use multiple Twitter account at the same time and send Tweets through them. This is an online tool and free to regsiter. Once registered you can add your multiple Twitter accounts and send Tweets Via them together with one single step.

5. Huitter
HuitterHuitter is auseful Twitter tool which helps in the mass unfollowing of those people who are not following you back. It is an online tool and is free to use. Huitter helps in cleaning your Twitter account by removing unwanted users in your list and make your Twitter account more effective.

6. Twellow
TwellowTwellow is an online Yellow page for Twitter account, which helps you to categorize and find usrs based on located, profession or subjects of interest. It is free and easy to register and is very helpful when you need to find users belonging to a particular section, group or geographical location.

7. JustTweetit
JusttweetitJusttweetit is an online directory of Twitter profiles, which helps you to find users of having similar interests, and to find and connect with them on Twitter. YOu just have to register and enter your Twitter details so that other users can find you easily. This tool is very much handy when it comes to selecting friend/followers based on religion, country, occupation, language etc.

8. TwtrFrnd
TwtfrndThis interesting tool helps to find out the common followers between any two Twitter accounts. This is also helpful when you need to find out the followers of a strong Twitter profile. Just enter the two Twitter usernames into TwtrFrnd. This is also  an online tool and you just need to register for free and avail the options to enhance your Twitter profile.

9. RetweetRank
Retweetrank1Retweetrank is another online Twitter tool which lets you find the Tweet rank of any twitter user. With the rank, latest retweets of the user are shown and an RSS feed can also be grabbed for the same. Monitoring retweets can provide you with a better understanding of audience to the originator while others can see the most interesting tweets of a user. The top ranked twitter users, who have been most retweeted recently, are listed in the leaderboard. You can know more about this tool at Retweetrank.

10. Twittangle
TwittangleTwitTangle is a free service that helps reduce the mess of having too many friends on twitter. Twittangle allows you to rate and tag your friends and then filter your timeline to help you easily find the tweets that are most important to you. You can also create custom groups of your followers and filter you timeline by that group. So get ready to use Twittange


  1. Bill says

    Can I throw my two cents in and suggest… http://www.hootsuite.com

    I love the way to manage multiple accounts, schedule tweets and track links sent through their url shortener…it has been my go to Twitter program.

  2. Melvin Neo says

    Thanks for compiling such a great resource! I appreciate it. I was looking for some Twitter tools to manage my followers and your post does help a lot.

    By the way, some comments are obvious spam. Especially the one who name says, “I Make Thousands of Dollars a Month Posting Links on Google from Home”. His comments are always the same and always got caught by my WordPress Akismet spam catcher. If I were you, I’d delete his comments! And some others too. Just my two cents worth. :)

  3. admin says

    @Melvin Thanks for the comment and for the information. I deleted that guy’s comment…

  4. Linda says

    Hi George, Thank you for sharing your findings. I know that it must have been a very time consuming task, and we are now benefiting from your research. It is very generous and helpful of you to post this information.

  5. George says

    Twitter is a social microblogging site and you can use it for a various purposes, which solely depends on your needs and nature of your business.

  6. manic-multi-tasker says

    I use SN a lot and the ones I use I ENJOY and they are also Very good for business. There are only TWO I have found worthy in every way. They are:




    The whole twitter thing – well, I thought it was a joke when it first appeared and I still do. Then I read this to TRY and figure out WHAT can be so useful about it and find things like TWIT – rotfl!! Yep, a twit – look it up if you don’t know what it means….a twit is an IDIOT; ergo – why I started to laugh.

    I am STILL a bel;iever that twittering is done by Twits :}

    Oh, LOL – I am cracking myself up here.

    Best 2010 – don’t wate your time (for business) with twitter. Get to linked-in = a Serious place where you can REALLY JV with whom you need to!!!


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