How to Re-Open Your Temporarily Closed Google My Business Page After Covid-19 Lockdown [Video Tutorial]

The majority of the businesses across the world are shut down due to the recent Covid-19 epidemic. As a result, the Google Business Page listings of the business organizations across the globe have been marked as “Temporarily Closed” by Google itself. This means that all these business establishments are no more working until the lockdown is lifted and the customers will also understand that they are not functioning at the moment. Here we will learn how to re-open the temporarily closed Google My Business Page of a business organization after the lockdown due to the attack of Corona Virus is lifted.

In certain countries across the world, the intensity of the Covid-19 epidemic has started decreasing and as a result, the respective Governments have decided to go for a partial or full lifting of the lockdown. As a result, the business establishment will again be functioning with limited resources and as a result, their Google My Business listings have to be re-enabled.

Most of the business owner might find it confusing on how to re-open their business listing page on Google. But the steps for re-opening Google My Business Page is pretty easy and can be done in a few clicks.

Here are the steps that are involved in re-opening your Google My Business Pages after the Covid 19 lockdown.

  • Login to your Google My Business Page account.
  • Select the relevant business listing from the initial dashboard.
  • Now select the “Info” option from the links present at the left-hand side.
  • After scrolling down in the “Info” section, you will see an option named “Reopen this business on Google”.
  • Just below that, you can see a button named “Mark as Open” and you just need to click on that.
  • Now, your listing will be shown as “Marked as Open” and will be under review for few minutes and after that, your Google My Business Page will be reopened.

Below is a small video tutorial that will show you and help in re-opening your Google Business Listing after the Covid19 lockdown. Hope this video will be useful to all the business owners across the world, who are keen to keep their Google Business Page in open mode.

So, within some minutes, your Google My Business Page listing will be marked as open and now your potential customers can interact with your business page as usual. Once your business is marked as open, you will start getting more calls, website leads, and even direct visits to your business establishments from potential customers from your targeted location.

So, if you have not yet re-opened your Google My Business Page listing after the Covid-19 lockdown, then you can follow the above video and make your Google listing as opened.

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