Simple Methods to Rank Your Website Higher in Search Engines

These days, it looks very much difficult to rank your website higher in the search engines as there are a lot of competition that your website needs to face daily. Most of the website owners hire professional SEO agencies or professionals to optimize their websites. Most of the SEO agencies adopt the latest and different forms of SEO activities to rank the websites higher in the search engines. Seeing all these, a webmaster who cannot afford to hire a SEO company will think it near impossible to rank their website higher in the search engine search results.

For a big website like eCommerce or other business websites, it might be better to hire a SEO agency for better search engine rankings. But for medium websites, there are various things that you can do on your own to rank your website higher in the search engine results pages. You might not be having the skills on par with any of the SEO professionals, but adopting some of the basic SEO guideline and techniques can take your website to a better position. At the same time, during the course of time, you can also be able to become a seasoned SEO professional by implementing and testing a lot of SEO activities on your website.

Here are some of the most simple SEO steps and methods that you need to adopt so as to rank your website higher in the search engines.

Simple Steps to Rank Your Website Higher in Search Engines

1) Responsive Website Design
Make sure that your website is designed in the responsive mode that that it is compatible with all the devices such as desktop, smartphones and tabs. Websites having responsive designs are given certain weightage when it comes to search engine ranking. If your website is not responsive, then kindly convert it into responsive design so that you can avail the benefits of getting ranked better in search engines.

2) Clean Website Navigation
Make sure that your website layout has a clean and easy navigation structure so that the visitors as well as the search engine spiders do not face any issue is successfully navigating through the website.

3) Great Content with Perfect Optimization
Content is the King, when it comes to optimizing your website for search engines. So if you have a great content that is perfectly optimized with the best keywords, then it can help in ranking your website further.

4) Ideal Onpage Elements
The next step is to enhance your website with the important onpage elements such as Title, Meta Description, H1, H2 tags etc. These are the basic SEO elements and its proper implementation can help you in achieving better search engine rankings.

5) Image Optimization
Always provide ALT tags for all the images uploaded on your website, as it will help the respective images to rank on the search engines for a particular keyword.

6) Webmaster Tool Verification
This is a free tool that is provided by the major search engines and submitting and verifying your websites with these tools can help you analyze the overall health of your website. It will provide you with necessary insights regarding your search engine performance and also helps in indexing your content in a better way.

7)  Offpage Optimization
Once you have done with the onpage and webmaster tool verification activities, you can go for some offpage activities for your website. This include involving in activities that can help you to get a link to your website from another website. There are various methods of offpage activities which you can easily learn online.

8) Social Media Promotions
There are a lot of social media channels available and you can select the best one that seems to be fit to promote your website. Promoting in social media channels can improve your branding as well as some good quality traffic.

9) Other Link Building Activities
You also need to look for other link building activities that can help in improving the overall search engine ranking for your website. If you can surf the web, you will get  a number of different  and easy link building activities which you can do it on your owm.

10) Setting Up a Blog
For a regular business website, it is always recommended to have a blog which brings in fresh and relevant content on a regular basis. This will indeed help in improving the overall search engine ranking and thereby bringing in quality traffic to your website.

If you can do a small research on the internet, you will get a lot of articles which helps you to implement the above mentioned points in the easiest ways. Atleast, you can start with the basic SEO activities for your website, before engaging in serious SEO campaigns. You should check out whether your activities are helping in ranking your website in search engines and if you are getting a positive result, then you should start exploring more of the SEO activities.

In this way, you can convert yourself from being an amateur SEO into a seasoned SEO professional in the long run.

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