Targeting Sections of a Single Website to Multiple Geo Locations

Location based SEO activities are the best way to get targeted traffic from a specific location. There are many types of websites that offers products and services which are availed by people from a particular country or location. In this case rather than targeting the website for a large global area, it is better to concentrate your SEO activities to that particular country.

Google’s Webmasters tools is of a great help in geo targeting the SEO activities as we can specify a location that needs to be targeted. This option is available once we submit and verify our website using Google’s Webmasters tools. While you submit your website to Google Webmasters tool, you can select a single country from where your site needs traffic from. This option is good as long as you have only a single country to target.

But when you need to target your website to multiple geo locations, then this would not be sufficient for you as you can only enter one country for targeting using the Google Webmaster tools. The need for multiple geo location targeting comes when a certain section or parts of your website offers services or products that need to be targeted in different countries. This can be a subfolder, directory or a page of your website and here you are forced to think of how to do multiple geo location targeting.

The fact is that multiple geo location targeting can be done easily and that too by using Google Webmaster tools. The only thing is that you need to submit separately the subfolders, directories or pages that need to be multiple geo targeted, into Google Webmasters tools. By doing this you would be able to target your website to multiple geographical locations.

Consider that your website has a section which needs to be targeted in Ireland and another section of your website which needs to be targeted in Brazil. To do this you first need to submit the first section  to Google Webmaster tools and select the geo targeting option for Ireland. After this you submit the second section in Webmaster tools separately and select the geo location option as Brazil. Now you have enabled multiple geo location targeting for various parts of your website and that too using a single Google Webmaster account. You can do it for a large number of different parts of a single website and fine tune your geo location targeting to its best.

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