Checking the Keyword Competition in a Much Better Way

Keyword competition is a factor that plays  a major role in your keyword research. On the other hand Keyword research is the backbone of any SEO campaign and if you have done a decent keyword research, then you are half way through in your keyword research. So while doing keyword research for your tool, you need to give attention to various sensitive factors.

You can avail the services of any free or paid keyword research tool for your SEO activities. Once you have got a pretty good list of keywords from the keyword research tool, you need to find out the keywords which have a particular competition level that you think, you can overcome. If the competition is too high when compared with the monthly search count for that particular keyword, then there is no point in going after that keyword.

You need to get the exact competition for a particular keyword in the major search engines (here we take Google), by putting the search query in quotes. This will give you the competition number for that exact keyphrase you are trying to optimize your site for. If this figure is again too competitive for you, then there is one more option to check the best keywords for your site. This is done by using the “intitle” search feature of Google. By using this feature for searching your keywords, you would get a much better idea, on how many sites are having the particular keyword in their title and by having a look at those numbers, you can decide whether to go with that keyword or not.
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For example is you are looking for the competition of the keyword “digital advertising company”, the regular way of doing it is to do  an exact search for the keyword “digital advertising company”, which would give you a particular number. Since title tags are one of the most influential factors in better search engine rankings, it is better to find out the competition that exist in the title tags of different websites for that particular keyword. So here you can do a search (intitle:”digital advertising company”) in Google and you would get a result of various websites having the same keyphrase in its title. Having a look at the number of the occurrences of that keyword in the titles of various website, you can decide whether to chose that keyword or not.


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