Google’s Dictionary Search Feature Enhancement

Finding the meaning of a word on the net is so easy as there are many online dictionaries and other sources which helps you in getting the exact meaning or definition for a dictionary related word. You can also get the meaning of a word by prefixing the world define or what is infront of the word for which you are seeking the meaning. For example if you need to get the meaning for the word “successor”, then you have to type “define successor” or “what is successor” in the Google search box. Then Google would show you the relevant sources leading you towards the meaning of the word.

Recently Google has made another Dictionary search feature enhancement in which you don’t need to prefix the words define or what is infront of the dictionary related word for which you are seeking the meaning. You just needs to type the word into the Google search box and Google would be offering you the showing you the meaning of the word as the first search result. It also shows you additional information such as how it is pronounced, its noun, link to usage examples, available web definitions of that word, synonyms etc. It also provides links to the online dictionaries where this word can be found. I am sure that this would speed up our searches and be beneficial to the large chunk on online searchers.

google search dictionary

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