Introduction to Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an effective cont per performance program for selling and earning on the net. The site owners usually display ads and links on their site to generate sales into a client’s site. The site owners are paid on a commission basis depending upon the sale of the product and services.

Mainly Affiliate Marketing consist of three parties namely Merchant, Affiliates and Affiliate Network

The Merchants are those whose products are to be sold via affiliate marketing and they usually provide the terms and conditions, compensation structure etc. The affiliates are the publishers or normal site owners who tries to sell the products and services provided by the merchants. They sign up for the affiliate programs and promote the services and products of the merchants on their sites.

Finally the affiliate network is the platform through which the affiliate transactions are recorded. Affiliate Network is responsible for managing billing, activity tracking etc.

One cannot expect to be rich overnight through affiliate marketing, but needs to take his own time to learn the ropes. But once affiliates are on the right track, there is no stopping them from gaining handsome income through affiliate commissions.

There are many challenges and opportunities which lie ahead in affiliate marketing and needs to be sorted out in the most efficient manner. There are different types of affiliate networks and important affiliate marketing tips which I would be blogging about later.

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