Tips to Get Your Keyword Research Right!!

Websites have fastly become the major source of business for all the major companies and organizations.  To Have a successful website that generates sales and business, one needs to generate quality traffic to the site.  In the end it is not just about generating traffic, but qualified traffic or genuine traffic.

Search engines are the most stable and major source of traffic generation and are capable of generating potential traffic to your website. The traffic from search engines is mainly based on keywords, and hence your site should be well optimized with the best possible keywords.

The website gets more qualified from search engine traffic if proper search engine optimization (SEO) is done, which means optimizing the site with potential keywords. Here comes the role of selecting better keywords or a better keyword research. Keyword research is the basic pillar of a well optimized website, and should be done with utter care. A website with a bad keyword selection would certainly be a flop in getting targeted search engine traffic. Keywords serve as the foundation for your online marketing strategy and you are advised to take time on doing a decent research on the keywords and phrases.

In selecting keywords there are many steps to be followed and it depends upon the nature of your business. The main thing to take care while doing keyword research is that you should try to thing as a visitor or a customer. You should try to think and find out what a visitor searches over the net, in order to arrive at your website. The best keywords that you can get for your website is from your customers and for that you have to think from a different level.

Once you have got a set of keywords, the next job is to evaluate and extract the most suited keywords. Extraction of keywords is based on many factors such as the competition of the keyword, its popularity / search count and more. The most popular keyword have a better chance being searched in a search engine, and if your website comes on top with that keyword you have more chances of getting traffic. While choosing keywords, it would be better to stick with specific keywords, rather than general keywords. The reason behind this is that a traffic that comes with a specific keyword has more chances of purchasing anything from your website. The traffic from generic keywords need not necessarily bring any sales or purchase from you site.

Consider the case where you have attained top search engine ranking with your keyword “shoe manufacturer“, even though you specializes only in the manufacturing of shoe soles. Even though the keyword “shoe manufacturer” is a popular keyword, it would not help in bringing and potential customers to your site. But consider the keyword “shoe sole manufacturer“, which is more industry specific. This keyword may rank lower in the keyword popularity than the previous keyword, but this keyword has more potential in bringing sales. The visitors coming with these keywords are more potential buyers.

You can also take the help of various keyword research tools and software available, some of which are paid and some are free. After finalizing your keywords, you have to continuously analyze your keywords in various search engines as the stats of the keywords changes frequently.



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    Great post! Thank you for taking a topic that can be challenging and simplifying into a very concise, straightforward article that anyone can understand regardless of their experience in terms of their experience with SEO and keyword searches. I will look forward to reading more of your blog!

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    I don’t spend a lot of time doing my keyword research. These are definitely some great tips that anyone can use to improve theirs.

    Very informative and I like how you break it down. Seems like you have done your due diligence regarding keyword research.

    Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a great day.

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