How to Delete a YouTube Channel in Simple Steps on a Desktop

We have already learned how to create a YouTube channel in simple steps. Now we are moving in the opposite direction in which we will learn about deleting an existing YouTube channel and its content. There will be various reasons that prompt us to delete a YouTube channel and its content. It might be personal as well as professional reasons that persuade us to delete an existing Youtube channel. So we need to know how to delete a channel on Youtube and remember that it is not a big task.

Deleting a Youtube channel is quite simple and can be done in some easy steps. All you need to do is to be aware of the links and options that come in the way of deleting a YouTube channel. It is hardly less than 10 clicks away and your channel will be deleted. And if you want to learn how to delete an existing YouTube account on a desktop, then we can go through the below steps. The steps are so simple and you will never fall into any kind of confusion while going through them.  

  1. Log in to your YouTube account.

  2. Go to Your Channel’s Home Page

  3. Click on “Settings” from the links on the left side of the window and navigate to another page.

  4. Click on the “View advanced settings” link.

  5. Click on “Delete Channel” option.

  6. Now, you will be asked whether your want to hide or remove your content from YouTube channel.

  7. Click on the “I want to permanently delete my account” option and you will be shown a blue button captioned as “DELETE MY CONTENT”.

  8. Click on the “DELETE MY CONTENT” button and confirm your action by typing the name of your channel.

  9. Now your channel and its content will be deleted within few minutes.

So, that is it. Now you have successfully deleted your YouTube channel and its content from the internet. The steps are quite simple and can be tried by anyone. If you are planning to delete your YouTube channel for any reason, then you can follow the above-given steps and get things done easily.

For more clarification on the process, we can also go through the below video, which will give a visual representation of how a YouTube channel can be deleted. Go through this short video and learn how to delete your existing YouTube channel easily in simple steps.