10 Blog Directories You Should Submit Your Blog To

When you plan to set up a blog, there would be many factors that come to your mind. First the blog should be neat, the content should be compelling and the most importantly the blog should drive traffic. More traffic means more readers, followers and other extra income. So usually we try to make the blog as Search Engine friendly as possible and add all the available SEO plugins. Also we try to take care while deciding on the keywords, to get more traffic. Apart from this we also try to get links from other sites, which are very much related to our blog in terms of content. Another way to promote your blog is to submit your blog to various blog directories, which contains list of the blogs and are arranged according to the theme of the blogs. These directories make it easier for other to find blogs related to their interest and helps us in getting targeted visitors. There are various blog directories available, but I would like to list 10 of them which I have found useful.

1) Bloggeries – Bloggeries is a good blog directory which accepts blogs and has various sub categories. It also has features such as forums, listing of the most viewed blog, latest blogs etc.

2) Blogged.com – This is a free directory and shows the postings of the blogs as a News feeder format. This has various features such as following others, starting discussion etc.

3) Blog Explosion – Blog Explosion is another free blog directory which helps in getting traffic to your site. Once you submit your site, it would take up to 7 days to get your site approved or rejected.

4) Super Blog Directory – This is another blog directory with useful features such as the latest submitted links and blogs, most popular blogs, top rated blogs etc.

5) Bloggapedia – Bloggapedia is another free blog directory with a good layout and helps to see the most popular searches in the directory.

6) Bloggernity – Another blog directory which is free and worth for blog submission. Offers features such as forums, blog search etc.

7) Blog Universe – Blog Universe is another unique blog directory which is used to submitted video and podcast blogs.

8 ) Blogcatalog – This blog directory serves as a social community for bloggers and helps in searching, connecting with other bloggers, promoting your own blog etc.

9) Blog Hub – Another important blog directory with features such as new blogger list, hot topics etc.

10) Spill Bean – Spill Bean is another attractive and simple blog directory which helps you to submit your blog for free.

There might be other blog directories which I have missed, but these 10 directories seems to be more important to me. Hope you have enjoyed reading this.