Blekko – The New Search Engine To Watch Out For

Blekko is a new search engine that launched recently and is aiming for the third position in the search market. It has certain unique features which even the search giant Google does not possess and these qualities make Blekko a hot favorite  for becoming the top search engine. It is considered to be a search engine that has the potential to eliminate spams and irrelevant results due to its advanced features. You have the option to register with Blekko and this will help you to get more relevant results based on your preferences.

One of the best features they have introduced is the SlashTags which are tags used to refine the search results and return more relevant searches. There are inbuilt SlashTags which is created by Blekko itself and you can also create your own SlashTAgs. To create your own SlashTags you need to be logged in. You can get more idea regarding this once you start using Blekko.
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