Some of the Best Ways to Analyze a Website While Doing SEO

Analyzing a website is one of the most basic things and equally important when it comes to SEO. There are a lot of things that needs to be analyzed properly before going on full fledged with your search engine optimization campaigns. The website analysis section can be basic or deep analysis depending upon the nature of the website. The website analysis part is the basic activity for any SEO campaigns and cannot be easily ignored.

The analyzing parameters differs in various websites, but there are some common things that can be put in your website analysis checklist. Some of those most common things and methods to analyze your website are given below.
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Something About Google Webmasters Tool

Google Webmasters Tool is an important tool which helps to diagnose and analyze your website. This tool is not a traffic analytics tool like Google Analytics, but provides other important figures and facts which can be interpreted for the better performance of the website. Google Webmasters tool helps in diagnosing the technical and SEO related issues of a website in an efficient manner. It has a lot of excellent features and new features are constantly being added. [Read more…]