8 Important Traits of an Ideal Landing Page

Landing page is one of the most important ingredients of any online advertising or marketing campaigns. A well designed and developed landing page can make sure that you meet success with your online marketing campaigns. In the current trend of online advertising, marketing, SEO, email marketing and other online promotional activities, you need to have a great and amazing landing page to stay ahead in the marketing. Without a decent landing page, your online marketing activities are bound to fail, irrespective of the amount you are spending on it. These days advertising agencies are investing a lot on their landing page design and functionalities to get the most out of the online marketing activities.

Here are some important points or features of an ideal landing page that I have gathered from my experience so far. There are a lot of features missing from the list and I have just picked up the most generic and important ones that can be shared. So if you are into online marketing and looking for ways to improve your leads and enquiries, the first thing that you need to do is to improve your landing page and its user experience.

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Conversion Optimization Strategy and its Importance in SEO

Conversion optimization is one of the terms that is often recently heard in the SEO arena and this is one area which makes a successful completion of your SEO campaign. Unlike other regular SEO activities, conversion optimization plays a key role in your overall SEO strategy and helps in improving the conversion rate of your website. A site with poor conversion optimization strategies cannot be expected to bring you huge online enquiries or leads.

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3 Major Factors that Influences Your Website’s Conversion Rate

To increase your sales by 10% you to try to increase your traffic by 10% by optimizing your natural or other traffic acquisition channels. Remember that you can also work on improving your conversion rate.  If the conversion rate is increased by 10%, your sales will increase even! Nothing can prevent you from working both at the same time course.

The conversion rate of your website is the percentage of visitors you turn into customers (or registrations, sales, downloads, etc.). For example, if you have 1000 visitors per day and that 10 of them buy on your site, your conversion rate is 1%. The conversion rate optimization is a methodology which aims to improve this rate over time. Let our conversion rate of 1% and imagine that we multiply by two after optimization, we now have 20 sales a day, then twice more sales for the same cost of traffic acquisition.

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