Microsoft Clarity – A New and Interesting Web Analytics Tool

For the last few weeks, the term Microsoft Clarity has been floating in various online blogs and magazines. Microsoft Clarity is an amazing free web analytics tool and was made generally available to the users by the end of October 2020. Webmasters across the world were eager to try and test out this web analytics tool by Microsoft, and they believed that this tool had some interesting features when compared with other free analytics tools.

Microsoft Clarity was designed in such a way so as to provide the webmasters, more valuable insights about their websites. Microsoft Clarity provides a group of tools and options that helps the web managers to make critical decisions about their website and make necessary changes based on that.

The most interesting part of this web analytics tool is that it provides you details about the areas where your website gets the most and least engagements. Clarity also avoids unwanted page load time, when compared with other web analytics tools. It also has the capacity to handle any number of traffic coming to your website and that too free of cost.

So, what else can you ask for as a web master or web manager. Let us have a look into some of the major features offered by Microsoft Clarity.

1) Insights Dashboard
The insights dashboard provided by Microsoft Clarity web analytics tool helps you in understanding the traffic coming on to your website. The web analytics tools provides details such as the number of visitors coming on to your website, how many clicked on your links, and how many users scrolled up and down your pages. There are also various filters that you can apply, thereby making your web traffic analysis more meaningful.

Based on these reports, you can make critical decisions on modifying a particular section of your website or as a whole.

2) Heat Maps
The heat maps offered by Microsoft Clarity analytics tool, helps you to understand about the user interactions on your website. The user interactions are mainly classified into two:

a) Clickmaps
The clickmaps sections tells you about what all content on your website or webpages are being mostly used by the visitors.

b) Scrollmaps
Scrollmaps makes sure that the visitors coming on to your website are getting the right information from your website.

The reports from the clickmaps and scrollmaps definitely helps the website owner to make major decisions such as changing the layout of the website or its navigations.

3) Session Playback
The session playback report from Microsoft Clarity gives you an idea about what is really happening on your website once a visitor enters. You can indeed make variable and valuable decisions on your website based on the session playback report. There is also the filtering options which helps you to dig more into your analytics and gain valuable insights about how a user interact on your website.

So, if you have not started using Microsoft Clarity web analytics tool, then it is the right time for you. It is very much easy to use this tool, as you just need to past the tracking code on your website, as per the instructions provided. If you are using Google Tag Manager, then, you can easily install the code on your website without bothering your web developers.

This amazing web analytics tool from Microsoft is still in its infancy stages and in the coming days, weeks and months, you will be able to gather more valuable insights that will help you in taking vital calls on your website. You can also improve the performance of your website after closely analysing the reports provide by this web analytics tool from Microsoft.

If you wish to integrate this tool in your website, then you can visit and create an account. Once you create an account, you can take the tracking code and install it on your website and start getting valuable traffic insights.

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