How to See the Detailed Mobile Devices Reports from Google Analytics [Free Online Video Tutorial]

There are a lot of things that we need to observe and take care of while we do digital marketing activities for our website. And one of the most important metrics is website traffic, especially if you want to get the benefits of digital marketing and advertising. So, we should always have the basic knowledge to track various website traffic metrics that can help in monitoring our online marketing and advertising activities. In this post, we will go through another short, easy, and important Google Analytics video tutorial that helps you in getting an important metrics report in your Google Analytics account.

We all love to see traffic pouring on to our website and the traffic might come from different sources across the internet. If we have a website which is properly optimized for search engine using a well-planned search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, then we can expect traffic coming to our website from different sources, locations, devices, OS, etc. We would be eager to know about the detailed reports for the traffic that is coming on to our website. And there is no better tool than the Google Analytics tool to give you such a report.

Detailed Mobile Devices Report

One of the most interesting reports that you can see in Google Analytics is the detailed mobile devices report. This report shows the details about the various mobile devices from where you are getting traffic to your website. This will be helpful to analyze various things such as the mobile devices that drive the most traffic, the mobile device that drives the least traffic, and so on.

If you want to see the detailed mobile devices report for your website, you can easily get it from the Google Analytics account that is linked with your website. So, let us see how we can get this interesting website traffic report from Google Analytics.

  • Sign-in to your Google Analytics account
  • Go through reports on the left-hand side of the Analytics dashboard.
  • Click on the “Audience” section.
  • Now select “Mobile” option.
  • Click on “Devices”
  • Now the detailed mobile devices report is in front of you to analyze.

If you go through the below video, you will be able to understand the steps for getting the detailed mobile devices report in a better way. So let us go watch this short, yet useful Google Analytics video tutorial.

After watching the video, all your doubts will be removed and you can take the detailed mobile devices report from Google Analytics by yourself. The video is pretty short and easy to understand and even if you are a beginner with Google Analytics, you will be easily able to nail it.

The detailed mobile devices report is something that cannot be easily ignored and you need to pay some amount of attention while analyzing your overall digital marketing efforts.

While taking your digital marketing activities to the next level, you need to make sure that you are giving enough importance to this kind of report.

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