8 Important Traits of an Ideal Landing Page

Landing page is one of the most important ingredients of any online advertising or marketing campaigns. A well designed and developed landing page can make sure that you meet success with your online marketing campaigns. In the current trend of online advertising, marketing, SEO, email marketing and other online promotional activities, you need to have a great and amazing landing page to stay ahead in the marketing. Without a decent landing page, your online marketing activities are bound to fail, irrespective of the amount you are spending on it. These days advertising agencies are investing a lot on their landing page design and functionalities to get the most out of the online marketing activities.

Here are some important points or features of an ideal landing page that I have gathered from my experience so far. There are a lot of features missing from the list and I have just picked up the most generic and important ones that can be shared. So if you are into online marketing and looking for ways to improve your leads and enquiries, the first thing that you need to do is to improve your landing page and its user experience.

Here are some important features of an ideal landing page and you can implement them to improve your overall conversion  by optimizing your landing pages.

1) Relevant content
As I have mentioned in many of my previous posts, content relevancy is one of the major aspect that can really influence the success of your landing pages. A landing page with irrelevant content is bound to fail, even if you spend a lot for online advertising. A great landing page with relevant content will help you in driving quality enquiries or leads that can fetch you income. So if your landing page does not have quality content, then it is high time  that you start thinking seriously about it and make sure that the content is relevant and upto the point.

2) Useful Content
Even if the content on your landing page is relevant, at times the content might not look useful to the visitors who searched the web and landed on your pages. You need to make sure that if someone searches for a particular keyword and lands on your page, the content that they see should be very much useful for them. Otherwise they will land on the page and once they find that it is of no use for them, they will simply quit the page without providing any leads or enquiries. This will indeed damage your online marketing and advertising campaigns and the money that your spend for your online marketing activities will go in vain. So while creating relevant content for your landing page, make sure that is also useful for the visitors at the same time.

3) Original Content
One of the major concerns with most of the landing pages is the lack of original content. Original content does mean avoiding the exact copy of a content present anywhere on the web; rather it stands for creating content that is unique in its concept. Even if you copy content from somewhere and rewrite it to make it unique, the content will mostly be a failure in the long run. As people always look for new, fresh and unique content on the web, they will turn away when they see the same content concept repeatedly on the internet. So always come up with fresh and unique content ideas and implement them on your landing pages for a better user experiencing and improved conversion rates.

4) More Transparency
Never make the visitors feel that we are hiding something on the landing page and such a feel will just make them slip away from our pages. Always be transparent and be specific in whatever you are providing through the landing pages. Also do not make the content to long by pointing out everything that you have in store. But the content should be transparent enough to convince the visitors and this will help in improving the trust of the visitors. If the visitors feel something fishy about the offers and content provided on the landing pages, they might not dare to spend more time on the page and as a webmaster, we will be losing yet another potential lead.

5) Easy Navigation
One of the most disgusting thing to ever happen once landing on a webpage is the land of proper navigation menus or links. If your landing page is having a complex navigation menu, visitors will not be able to navigate to other parts of the website and in the case of an easy and simple navigation structure, the visitors will be able to easily navigate to other parts of the website and get more information regarding your business in services. This will help you in getting a potential visitor who might again visit your website some time later. In the case of a bad navigation structure, visitors will not be able to know more about your different services and will also quit the page without being converted.

6) More Engagement
Populating the landing page with engaging content and element is one of the best way to make sure that the visitors stay for a longer period on the landing page and improve the chances of making a conversions. Visitors will not feel bored while landing on your web pages if they are more engaging and populated with useful and relevant content.  A less engaging landing page will provide a bad user experience to the users and the chances of getting a conversion or lead will diminish considerably. So apart from just optimizing your landing pages, always make your landing page is more engaging by providing creative content, images and other elements.

7) Improved Page Load Time
These days one of the worst user experiences for anyone coming onto a web page is the slow loading time. Sometimes it will take too long for a webpage to load completely and this will really create a bad impression of your website and the visitors may also lose their patience. They will eventually exit from your webpage and you might be losing a potential conversion due to to the slow loading time. So always make sure that your website has a good loading time so that the visitors do not need to wait too long for the complete webpage to be loaded.

8) Smart Call-to-Action Elements
Even if we have all the above points in place, we might not be able to get a conversion or leads simply due to the absence of call-to-action elements. A call-to-action element can be something like prompting them to  a product page, filling out a enquiry form or make a call to the company officials. If the website has a creative and smart call-to-action elements, then there is nothing much to worry about the conversion rate as it will improve for sure.

An ideal or an optimized landing page and its features keeps on evolving with time and it is difficult to list out more fixed factors that can influence a landing page. What I have mentioned above are some of the most common thing for enhancing a landing page and getting relevant leads and conversions.

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