Google Publisher Plugin Beta Released for WordPress

The Google Publisher Plugin released by Google last week is seen as one of the most important step by Google towards making the use and work of Google products from WordPress easier. There was a huge cry by the WordPress users on Google making a WP plugin that can be used with WordPress to make the management of Google product smoother. Last Week Google released the beta version of their official Google Publisher Plugin, which adds a lot of new functionalities and facilities to the WordPress website of various publishers.

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How to Supercharge Your Blogging Potential by Google Products

Many of us are under the wrong assumption that Google has made the lives of bloggers and content generators more miserable, but the truth is something different. Google has been launching products and product updates that are aimed towards success of bloggers and help them out in ways they even think is simply great. So if you are a blog owner and looking for ways to supercharge your blog, here’s how you can supercharge your Blogging by using the following Google Products. [Read more…]

Google Comes Up with a New Webspam Reporting Form

In its latest move to remove the unwanted or irrelevant listings from its search results Google has come up with a new form for reporting webspam. Webspams are sites which tend to violate the Google Webmaster Guidelines and trick Google so that they rank higher in the search result pages. Google have been fighting against the spam results for a long time and every  time it has come with features which were helpful in removing bad websites from the result pages.
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Better Keyword Research With Google Adwords Keyword Tool – Video Tutorial

Keyword Research is one of the building blocks of an SEO campaign and the success of the SEO campaign for any website mainly depends on the keyword research part. If the right keywords are researched and selected, then the chances of increasing the search engine visibility of a website is high. On the other part if the keyword research part goes wrong, then whole of the SEO campaign would end on a disastrous note.
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How to Effectively Implement Google +1 Button – Live Webinar on June 21st

Google had recently launched the +1 button which allows the visitors to recommend a particular content on Google directly from a website.  Google has launched the +1 button in its mission to show improved search results and there by improved traffic to a website. Many of us might have started using the Google  +1 button and have different experience. Some of my friends even had some issues installing the +1 button on their website, due to some unknown issue.
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Google Set to Acquire Display Advertising Leader Admeld

In a deal worth $400 million, Google is all set to acquire the leading ad optimization and online marketing firm Admeld and Google plans to use Admeld along with their DoubleClick in order to help publishers to select the best ads across various networks and exchanges. Admeld is one of the top online marketing company that helps publishers to advertise online and maximize their revenue with unique marketing strategies and advertising technologies. The company is the top of its kind in display advertising and some of the major customer include big names such as, FOX News, IDG TechNetwork, Hearst Television, Discovery and The Weather Channel.

This acquisition would give a leading edge to Google in terms of display advertising, where they have a long way to go. The traditional ad platform of Google mainly consisted of text and search ads and this move would help them in their mission to be the numero uno in display advertising.

Display advertising is considered to be one of the most effective ways of advertising, but most of the companies have stayed back from it due to the complexity involved in it. Google aims to make online display advertising more simple and efficient by improving its support and services to its customers.
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3 Ways Google is Expected to Fight Spam Sites in 2011

Google have recently announced that they are going to fight search engine spam much stronger than before. They have been testing various changes which would help in the lowering the spam level. One of these changes is aimed at sites which have no original content or sites which copy content from other sites. They also plan to give options for users to give feedback about spammy and sites with low quality.

As per a recent article that I found on the net, Google is mainly concentrating on 3 major ways by which it could fight the spam sites in 2011 and are listed below.
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How to Report Spam Results to Google

Google search engine is the most popular when it comes to online search and Google is the top search engine available in terms of users and data accuracy. Google has always tried their best to show the most appropriate and relevant data to its users and in the course of time it has made so many major updates in their algorithm to make their search results clean and reliable. Google has equipped its crawler well enough to make the search results more accurate by removing irrelevant data from the search results.
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