AdWords Express Launched by Google

Google has officially announced Adwords Express, which is a simpler and faster way to start an online advertising in just under 5 minutes. Google had launched this product as Google Boost in October last year and at that time it was open only for a few  local businesses. Adwords Express is actually meant for small businesses that do not have an  Adwords advertising campaign for their business. The Adwords Express allows these business to start their online advertising in a much faster and easier way.

With Adwords Express, your potential customers would find it easy to find your website or Place page and helps them to quickly connect with you and thereby enhance your business. Unlike the regular Adwords campaign, here you just need to provide some basic business information and create your online ad. Once you sign up for Adwords Express, your advertising campaign would be automatically managed for you by Adwords Express and would help you in figuring out the searches that should be displayed for a particular search. As with the regular Adwords campaign, your ads would be shown on the top or the right hand side of the search results pages. You ads would also be highlighted as a distinctive blue pin in Google Maps.
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