Setting Up Events in Google Analytics as Goals

Events in Google Analytics are the interaction or actions of website visitors and which can be tracked independently. Some of the major actions that can be tracked through Events include a button click, a download, playing a video, ad clicks etc. Event tracking becomes handy when we need to track some precise user actions on the website and analyse based on that. Event tracking is implemented by integrating a small piece of script on the website and Google Analytics has syntax for that code and we just need to customize it. [Read more…]

How to Create and Use Advanced Segments in Google Analytics [Video]

As we all know, Google Analytics is one of the most powerful and yet free web analytics tool that is available. In my personal point of view, one of the first things that I do while coming online is to log on to my analytics account and see the traffic stats for my different websites. Webmasters simply love navigating through the web analytics data for their website and Google provides one of the best and user friendly web analytics tool. [Read more…]

Google Analytics – 3 Important Visitor Activities to Monitor Your Content Popularity

Google Analytics is one of the most powerful, user interactive, efficient and yet free web analytics tool from Google which has a large number of user base. Majority of the webmasters uses Google Analytics for tracking their site traffic, visits, content popularity and other importance factors that can help them in planning their online marketing campaigns in a better way. Google Analytics has been there for a long time and ever since their arrival, they have made various changes and updates to make it more effective from a user point of view.

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What is “Content Targeting” Report in Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is one of the best free analytics tool that is available to track traffic and other activities on your website. This analytics tool is an awesome free product from Google and majority of the website owners use Google Analytics on their website to analyze the overall site traffic. A webmaster who is serious about his website’s performance always log into his analytics account multiple times a day.

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10 Reasons Behind Having High Bounce Rate for Your Website

Bounce rate is something serious that most of the webmasters are concerned about while viewing their web analytics stats. A high bounce rate in the web analytics report for a website means that the visitors are not at all interested in the website content and immediately leave the page soon after entering the website. This may happen due to various factors and if your website’s bounce rate is high, then you need to take it seriously and identify the areas where you can work on so as to improve the bounce rate. The bounce rate clearly speaks about the quality of your website and websites having high bounce rate are considered to be of low quality.

There are various reasons for the high bounce rate your website is experiencing and most of them are common issues. Some small adjustments can easily boost up your bounce rate and most of us fail to identify what these small adjustments really are. Here are some of the most importance and common reasons that is considered to be playing an important role in the high bounce rate of websites. Hope that it would be of useful to you.
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Where do the Direct Traffic Come in Your Web Analytics Report?

We all might be using any of the web analytics tool for tracking the traffic coming to our website and there are many web analytics software such as Google Analytics, StatCounter, Omniture, KissMetrics etc which helps you to traffic the number of visit coming to your website. Some of these are paid while others are free and the paid tools generally offers some advanced feature which the free versions does not provide. But these tools offer general basic reports which are essential to track the traffic in normal cases.
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Three Major Types of Goals in Google Analytics

In Google Analytics, goals are one of the best features that allow us to go deeper into a website’s traffic performance and fix any possible issues. It helps you to track how users go through various pages or sections of your website. Goals help us to see how users travel once coming on your website or how users are reaching a particular section of your website.

Setting up goals with Google Analytics also helps you to make sure that the visitor has done what you would like them to do on your website. For example if you have a shopping cart then your ultimate aim is to make the users purchase your products. Mostly the last page that a user reaches after purchasing anything online would be a “Thank You” page and by setting a goal for this page, you would be able to understand the amount of successful user visits to your website which have converted into sales. Goals also help you to know more about the user behaviour on your website such as site engagement, user engagement etc.
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How to Enable e-Commerce Reports in Google Analytics

Google Analytics is obviously one of the most powerful free web analytics tool that is available and most of the webmasters rely upon Google Analytics for tracking the traffic and other activities on the websites. One of the most amazing feature of Google Analytics is its ability to track activities such as online transactions, especially for ecommerce websites. Google Analytics’ ability to track sales on a website makes is a pretty good and useful web analytics tool.  Most of the ecommerce websites take advantage of this facility and this helps to analyse and track the sales and its progress.
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7 Useful Tips for Reducing the Bounce Rate of Your Website

Bounce rate is one of the crucial criteria in Web Analytics, which determines the overall quality of your website. Bounce rate is one of the main things that one would like to see while viewing the web analytics stats, especially in Google Analytics. Usually a website having a high bounce rate is not considered as a healthy indication.  As mentioned in the Google Support Forum, bounce rate is considered as the percentage of single-page visits or visits in which a visitor has left your site from the entrance page. If your website or web page does not have any thing useful to offer, then it is quite natural that the visitor flees away from the site without going into other pages.

On the other hand if your website have something interesting and compelling stuff to offer, then the users would definitely stick on the website and subsequently navigate to the other sections of the website. If your website makes visitors stay on the website for a longer period, then the bounce rate of your website is sure to come down.

There are various things that can be done so as to bring down the bounce rate of a website. Some are simple ones while few steps needs more hard work, research and dedication. I would like to share few of the tips that I consider would be helpful in reducing the bounce rate of a website.
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How to Grant Other Users Access to your Google Analytics Account

Google Analytics is one of the best free tool to track your website traffic and is the most used tool by webmasters. The tool is free to install and you are able to view much precise information about your website traffic. Since Web Analytics plays a major role in SEO campaigns, most of the webmasters try to install an Analytics code into their or client’s website.  Creating a Google Analytics account is so easy and you just need to have a valid Gmail account and can login with your Gmail account details.

A website should have only one Analytics code installed within it and the presence of more than one code would end up in wrong reports.  Consider that you have installed Google Analytics code for your client from your own account or vise versa. In both cases only one party can view the results and this creates confusion between you and your client.  So it is always better if there is any option to share your Analytics details with your client or vise versa.

One of the major feature of Google Analytics is that it lets you to grant access to other persons to view the reports of the websites which comes under your Google Analytics account. With this feature you just need to add the second party as  a user with your account and the second party can view the Analytics report of his website by logging into his own Analytics account. The steps to grant access another person the privilege to view your Analytics account are simple and is listed below.
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