Choosing the Right Social Media Websites

Social media web sites are an effective way for businesses and individuals to promote awareness about their brand and business. New social networking websites are introduced frequently. This abundance of choices is overwhelming and choosing the right website has become difficult. Therefore it is necessary to get acquainted with the various social media sites and their pros and cons before using them. You can take into consideration the following aspects for choosing the right social media websites

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The Social Media Marketer and His Bag of Tools

Online marketers are turning to social media by the droves because these marketing methods work; it’s as simple as that. These platforms offer qualified backlinks, search engine listings and expose new content and websites to a large amount of traffic. However, just as in other online marketing methods, some of the activities can be extremely time consuming, as a result, online managers and marketing leaders need new social marketing tools or application releases to help implement marketing campaigns more efficiently. The following is a list of new social media space tools that can help do just that.

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How Social Networking Websites like Facebook Can Benefit Your Business

Tell me. Are you using social networking websites like Facebook to promote your business? If not, then you may be missing a lot of opportunities to get new customers and make money. You see, people today have their lives so intertwined with social networks that you can utilize it for business. They update their profiles with their status every day. As a wise business owner, you can tap this market to make instant sales. This process is called social media marketing. [Read more…]

3 Modern Ways to Promote Your Company Through Social Media

Social media channels such as blogs, Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare are being used by a large proportion of the population and help us to communicate, free of charge, and keep in touch with our friends. In a short span of time, these virtual places are becoming centers of exchange of views, information and experiences. It is here that customers and users seeking information about a service before using it: they inform, comment, leave reviews and opinions.
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Finally My Twitter Account is Back in Twitter Search

I have been using Twitter for more than 3 years and I really enjoyed using this micro blogging platform, both personally and professionally. Twitter gave me some of the best online friends and it also helped me to promote websites of my clients and friends. From the time Google started showing up real time search results, the traffic to my websites increased considerably.
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5 Ways to Check the Authenticity of Twitter Follower Count

The number of Twitter followers clearly indicates the popularity of a particular person and taking this into account, majority of the Twitter users try to get as many as followers as possible. It is always good to have a high number of follower count in Twitter, but what is the use if majority of them are bots or artificially attained followers.

If a Twitter user is really popular in his niche, then he is sure to get followers naturally, rather than going after various methods of getting followers. So the best Twitter profile is that which has got a good number of followers in the natural way and such types of Twitter profiles are the ones that are to be followed by us. Consider that we are following a  profile which shows a huge number of followers and majority of them are bots or are not naturally obtained ones. Here you would not be getting any benefit of following such a user as even if he shares your posts, it would vanish somewhere without being re-shared by his followers.

On the other hand if you are following a profile which has genuine followers that are obtained naturally, then the chances are that if he shares any of your tweets, it has got a higher chance of getting re-tweeted by his followers as most of them are genuine and might be more active. So before following any Twitter profile based on the count of its followers, make sure that the user has created such a number of followers in the natural way and they are authentic.
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Twitter to Kill off its Old Version

Twitter is one of the most powerful micro blogging and social media site, which is having a large number of users as of present. Twitter is being used for a large number of purposes and is one of the most easy to use social media site. Twitter has finally decided to take off its old version and to migrate completely to the new one.  The old version of Twitter would be killed off this week, which has been revealed in an official tweet.   All the users using the old version of Twitter would be migrated automatically to the newer version.
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How Law Officials are Utilizing Social Media

The current technology driven world has forced local law enforcement agencies to turn more into social media tools to keep the public informed and even solve various crimes. County Sheriff’s Office in Washington has been using and utilizing a Facebook page for about a year which has around 1,000 followers. The major job of the page includes up-to-date information about crime, information about wanted suspects and significant arrests. The County Sheriff’s office posts alerts about robberies, suspects, flooding, drugg arrests and all type of crime activities that is happening around. Photos of the most wanted criminals and suspects are also posted on the Facebook page, so that the public would be kept more aware about the crime activities in their localities.
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IZEA Acquires Magpie

IZEA, the leaders in sponsored conversations has acquired German based Twitter advertising network Magpie. IZEA have built various platforms that is aimed at connecting brands and advertisers on various social media networks. The 3 year old Magpie ( ), is one of the first company of its kind that offered in-stream ads on Twitter. Both advertisers and publishers have benefited from Magpie in these years.
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