New Keyword Planner Tool Released by Google AdWords

In its latest update, Google Adwords has rolled out a new version of its Keyword Planner. The new Keyword planner is available now in the new AdWords experience.

The new Keyword Planner has been made simple, but at the same time, it offers certain new features to help online advertisers get more data from their search campaigns.

New features of the keyword planner tool include the ability to add keywords in bulk and get an overview of the forecasts in one place. The biggest upgrades to Keyword Planner are the aesthetic changes, which are consistent with the look and feel of the new AdWords experience.

The new Keyword Planner now includes an estimate of how the keywords in the advertising plan will impact performance, including the max CPC.

In addition, the device and location breakdown are now easily available without having to click through to different menu tabs on the dashboard.

This new version of Keyword Planner was first made becoming available to a limited number of Adwords users last month. But now it is available for anyone with access to the new AdWords experience.

New Features of Google Adwords Editor 12

Google has released the version 12 of Google Adwords editor recently which has brought along with it various new features and facilities. Google Adwords Editor helps to manage your Adwords campaign offline, make necessary changes and then upload it live to reflect the changes in your Adwords account. Google Adwords tool is a handy tool when it comes to managing different Adwords account and campaigns in a quick span of time.

Most of the Adwords advertisers use Google Adwords Editor to manage their accounts and campaign easily and also to save a lot of time. Here are some of the features and facilities that are accompanied with the released of Google Adwords Editor 12. [Read more…]

5 Google Adwords Automated Rules That Make Your Control Better Then Ever Before !!

The Automated rule features given by the “Google Adwords” let you make changes automatically in your account. With the help of it, we can change budget, keywords position, ad status. For example, if you want to pause your ads for a specific time when no one is searching for you, you can easily set this rule. Along with this you can also make yourself to get an email when the rule gets activated.

Let’s start !

1. Pause Poor Performing Keywords

There are some keywords which are not bringing traffic to your site and give a much bounce rate to you. Which not good for your conversion rate, quality score of keywords and it also decrease your Avg. position of ads. And I surely want to pause them if they are doing so in my accounts because I never compromise with the quality of traffic. It is very difficult to pause them one by one so you can do it by using automated rules. [Read more…]

The 2 Types of Ad Delivery Mode in Adwords Campaigns

Google Adwords is one of the most effective and efficient method to attract instant and targeted traffic to a website. Traffic coming from Adwords are very much refined and has the potential to be converted into a lead or sale after visiting the landing page. Adwords platform is equipped with a lot of feature and functions that helps in running a precise and targeted online marketing campaign for your website. When compared with SEO campaign, the PPC campaigns such as Adwords helps in getting quick and relevant traffic to your website. [Read more…]