The 2 Types of Ad Delivery Mode in Adwords Campaigns

Google Adwords is one of the most effective and efficient method to attract instant and targeted traffic to a website. Traffic coming from Adwords are very much refined and has the potential to be converted into a lead or sale after visiting the landing page. Adwords platform is equipped with a lot of feature and functions that helps in running a precise and targeted online marketing campaign for your website. When compared with SEO campaign, the PPC campaigns such as Adwords helps in getting quick and relevant traffic to your website.

You can create different campaigns in your Adwords platform and decide how your ads should be displayed, which keywords to trigger your ads, which countries to target and more. You will simply feel amazing on seeing the amazing features of an Adwords platform. It might take some time to learn and explore most of the features embedded with Adwords, but there are still some features that are indeed essential for the successful running and improved performance of your PPC campaigns

Here I am going to explain about two of the most basic ad delivery mode in Adwords platform,  and these modes can really help you in deciding on how and when to show your ads to the visitors on a daily basis. The two types of ad delivery mode in Adwords campaigns are Standard Delivery and Accelerated Delivery modes and both of them has their own advantages and disadvantages that vary depending upon the requirement of various websites.

a) Standard Delivery
The Standard Delivery mode is highly recommended to advertisers and in this method the ads are shown evenly over the whole day. Adwords optimizes the delivery of ads in such a way that the ads do not show every time when a relevant keyword is triggered and rather it will be shown in such a random way that your daily budget does not expire early. In this method, your ads will be shown evenly over the day and in other words your daily budget will be stretched throughout the day. This method makes sure that even though your ads are not displayed for each and every relevant keyword triggers, it will increase the chances of showing your ad throughout the day.

Advantage: Improves the chances of your ads being shown throughout the day on Google search results.
Disadvantage: Does not show your ads for all the relevant keyword searches and this might result in losing potential visitors.

b) Accelerated Delivery
In this method, Adwords will not optimize the delivery of ads and the ads will be displayed for each relevant keyword triggers and will improve the chances of your budget being expired earlier.  If you do not have a big budget, then your ads might stop showing quickly in the day as your ads will be showed every time.  Once your ads are show and clicked by someone, your budget will also expire early. In this case, you will miss traffic in the remaining part of the day as your  budget expires quickly and your ads will not show up in the search results.

Advantage: Your ads will be shown for all relevant search queries.
Disadvantage: Your budget will expire soon and your ads might not be shown for the rest of the day once your budget expires.

Both Standard and Accelerated delivery modes has their own advantages and disadvantage. And if you want to choose between the both, you need to think and decide based on your business objective, audience engagement time, your daily budget etc. It will be better if you try both the options for a particular time period and prepare and report and find out which mode brought the best results for your campaign. Once you identify this, you can easily persist with the one that got better results for you.

Google Now Helps to Easily Identify Mobile Friendly Websites on Your SmartPhones

The numbers of mobile internet users are increasing rapidly and so has the need for mobile friendly websites. Users will find it irritating when they come across websites that are not responsive and do not show up well on smartphones and tabs. They might also stay away from browsing those websites when they seem them again while googling on smartphones. Before, the real issue was that the people did not have a choice to identify from the search results on their smartphones on which websites were mobile friendly and which were not. So most of the time they might not be happy with the output of the search results, especially when they come across websites that are not at all mobile friendly.

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Using Conversion Tracking for Enhancing Your Adwords Campaign

Google Adwords is one of the most effective paid online marketing platform that is used to promote products and services in an aggressive manner on the internet. Google Adwords, the most popular pay-per-click (PPC) advertising platform is very much easy to use and has features and facilities that makes your online marketing and advertising activities looks more efficient. A lot of features are available with Google Adwords platform and with each passing days it is getting better and better. As of now, it is miles ahead of other digital advertising platform as the Adwords platform covers a major portion of the total online marketing activities.

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New Panda Update Rolling Out by Google

In yet another major announcement by Google’s Pierre Far on Google Plus, they have informed that a new Google Panda update has been rolled out.  As per various sources, this is Google’s 27th Panda Update and is known as Panda 4.1. The new Panda 4.1 update is sure to make some waves in the overall all search engine results page which will result in some websites going down in the search results and some website crawling up in the SERPs. For those who have abide by Google’s algorithm policies, this update will not make any serious differences. The update was rolled out earlier this week and has shown some changes in the search engine rankings for a lot of websites.

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Google Decides to Boost Encrypted Websites in Their Search Rankings

In a move to adding more value to its search results and to persuade webmasters to adopt technology that  protects websites from hackers, Google has decided to give the encrypted websites a boost in their search engine result pages. As per latest updates, Google has said that it will now give bonus points in its ranking algorithm to Web pages that are encrypted and Google hopes that it will help the webmasters in protecting their websites against hackers breaking into their websites and stealing sensitive user information. If this is implemented, then the websites using HTTPS protocol that improves secure communications over digital networks will get a boost in their search engine rankings.

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Google Stops Showing Profile Photo and Google Plus Circle Count in Search Results

Google always keeps on changing the way it shows the search results and few days back it has made another major change in the way search results are displayed. Google has decided to take of the profile pictures and Google Plus circle count in the search results and will be rolled out for both the desktop users as well as mobile users. Google used to show the image and Google Plus circle count in their search results and this was based on the integration with Google Authorship feature. The search results used to have a image of the author as well as the circle count of the author’s Google Plus account.

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Search Removal Request Form Launched by Google

In its latest move, Google has moved a step forward with the introduction of search removal request form which has come as a boon for both searchers and search marketers. The new search removal request form allows users to submit removal request of the search results about them that they wish to hide from the search engine. As of now the facility is available to users from all the 28 European Union countries and 4 non European Union countries. Any how this would prove to be helpful move from Google atleast for the searchers from the European countries.

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Why You Need to Use Dynamic Keyword Insertion in Adwords

Google Adwords is a dream tool for any online marketing professional and is used to advertise your website, its products and services on the internet to get more relevant traffic which can result in revenue generation. The traffic coming to your website through Google Adwords is highly targeted and hence the chances of those visitors getting converted are high. Once the visitor starts getting converted by providing their contact details or even making any kind of purchase from your website, you can confidently say that your Adwords campaign is the right track.

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How to Adjust Mobile Bidding in Your Adwords Account

Mobiles and gadgets are something that are gaining huge popularity across the world and the mobile users are almost on the verge of overtaking the traditional desktop users. This clearly speaks about optimizing your online marketing activities in such a way that it does not miss out on the large mobile user audience. If you can have a look at your web analytics, then you will get a clear idea about how the mobiles and gadgets are becoming the major source of devices that drives traffic to your website.

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Setting Location Bid Adjustment in Adwords for Better Traffic

Setting Location Bid Adjustment in Adwords for Better Traffic
As we all know that Google Adwords is one of the most efficient and widely used paid online marketing platform which can helping in boosting your business to a great extend. Google Adwords comes up with some great and sophisticated reports and facilities which you can adjust to make sure that your ads and campaigns are running good. Even if your Ad campaigns are running fine, you cannot relax and stay away from monitoring your campaign reports. You always need to make necessary changes and adjustments on your Adwords campaign to make sure that they are bringing the best ROI for your business.

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