Google Decides to Boost Encrypted Websites in Their Search Rankings

In a move to adding more value to its search results and to persuade webmasters to adopt technology that  protects websites from hackers, Google has decided to give the encrypted websites a boost in their search engine result pages. As per latest updates, Google has said that it will now give bonus points in its ranking algorithm to Web pages that are encrypted and Google hopes that it will help the webmasters in protecting their websites against hackers breaking into their websites and stealing sensitive user information. If this is implemented, then the websites using HTTPS protocol that improves secure communications over digital networks will get a boost in their search engine rankings.

Google has been taking various steps to make the web more secure and this move is considered as yet another step for improving the web security. When a website is encrypted, a barrier is added between the web users and anyone how plans to steal their data. Encrypted websites help protect users secure their data even when they are connected through un-secured Wi-Fi networks in various places. Encryption of  a website simply means that all the sensitive data on the website is safe and is difficult for others to steal the data.

Google seems to be planning to include the practice of giving bonus points for encrypted websites as a factor among more than 200 signals that it uses for ranking a website. There are various factors that Google takes into while ranking a website and these factors include site load time, content quality, keyword density, site architecture, proper tagging, page rank etc. And if the new idea is implemented the website encryption will also be given additional weightage while ranking. The officials at Google are very serious about taking website encryption into account while ranking websites.

When compared with the earlier period, encryption cost of websites have come down and hence majority of the average webmasters can afford to go for a encrypted website. Officials have also stated that there will not be any issue of websites slowing down due to the process of encryption. If website encryption will be considered as a factor for ranking, the webmasters can indeed switched to the encrypted version of their website without bringing too much financial burden.

So from now on, we can indeed see a lot of website becoming encrypted so as to stay afloat in the ever changing search ranking and also boost individual rankings in the search results. If you are not using encrypted website, you may well think of going for it as the coming days and months will be mainly focused on getting the websites encrypted and get better search engine results. It will be a new task for the webmasters and SEO professionals worldwide and will also bring a new dimension and perspective to search engine optimization activities.

Google Stops Showing Profile Photo and Google Plus Circle Count in Search Results

Google always keeps on changing the way it shows the search results and few days back it has made another major change in the way search results are displayed. Google has decided to take of the profile pictures and Google Plus circle count in the search results and will be rolled out for both the desktop users as well as mobile users. Google used to show the image and Google Plus circle count in their search results and this was based on the integration with Google Authorship feature. The search results used to have a image of the author as well as the circle count of the author’s Google Plus account.

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Search Removal Request Form Launched by Google

In its latest move, Google has moved a step forward with the introduction of search removal request form which has come as a boon for both searchers and search marketers. The new search removal request form allows users to submit removal request of the search results about them that they wish to hide from the search engine. As of now the facility is available to users from all the 28 European Union countries and 4 non European Union countries. Any how this would prove to be helpful move from Google atleast for the searchers from the European countries.

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Why You Need to Use Dynamic Keyword Insertion in Adwords

Google Adwords is a dream tool for any online marketing professional and is used to advertise your website, its products and services on the internet to get more relevant traffic which can result in revenue generation. The traffic coming to your website through Google Adwords is highly targeted and hence the chances of those visitors getting converted are high. Once the visitor starts getting converted by providing their contact details or even making any kind of purchase from your website, you can confidently say that your Adwords campaign is the right track.

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How to Adjust Mobile Bidding in Your Adwords Account

Mobiles and gadgets are something that are gaining huge popularity across the world and the mobile users are almost on the verge of overtaking the traditional desktop users. This clearly speaks about optimizing your online marketing activities in such a way that it does not miss out on the large mobile user audience. If you can have a look at your web analytics, then you will get a clear idea about how the mobiles and gadgets are becoming the major source of devices that drives traffic to your website.

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Setting Location Bid Adjustment in Adwords for Better Traffic

Setting Location Bid Adjustment in Adwords for Better Traffic
As we all know that Google Adwords is one of the most efficient and widely used paid online marketing platform which can helping in boosting your business to a great extend. Google Adwords comes up with some great and sophisticated reports and facilities which you can adjust to make sure that your ads and campaigns are running good. Even if your Ad campaigns are running fine, you cannot relax and stay away from monitoring your campaign reports. You always need to make necessary changes and adjustments on your Adwords campaign to make sure that they are bringing the best ROI for your business.

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How to Create Mobile Optimized Ads from Your Existing Ad Group in Adwords

The number of people using mobiles and smartphones in increasing on a rapid basis and you can see it from the web analytics that the number of visitors from mobiles and other gadgets are on par with those coming from desktop computers. In the coming years, the number of mobile users may surpass the desktop users and this is something that we need to take into our thoughts while going for various online marketing activities. It is high time that we think and take different actions so as to go along with the latest trends and make sure that we do not miss out on potential traffic through our internet advertising campaigns.

As we all know, Google Adwords is one of the best Pay per Click (PPC) platform that is available and internet marketers use this tool for driving instant and relevant traffic to their website. The Google Adwords provides an amazing dashboard with a lot of useful features which makes it very much easy to track and manage. We can create Ad campaigns and different ad groups in Google Adwords which makes us things easier to target, test and experiment.

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Getting More Traffic with Search Network with Display Select Option from Adwords

Google Adwords is an inevitable online marketing platform for those looking for instant and relevant traffic to their website and even though it is a paid online marketing platform, it can really get you some good traffic without waiting for your SEO activities to catch up with. Even if you are relatively new into the field of internet marketing, you can easily make use of Google Adwords much better.

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Google Publisher Plugin Beta Released for WordPress

The Google Publisher Plugin released by Google last week is seen as one of the most important step by Google towards making the use and work of Google products from WordPress easier. There was a huge cry by the WordPress users on Google making a WP plugin that can be used with WordPress to make the management of Google product smoother. Last Week Google released the beta version of their official Google Publisher Plugin, which adds a lot of new functionalities and facilities to the WordPress website of various publishers.

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How to Supercharge Your Blogging Potential by Google Products

Many of us are under the wrong assumption that Google has made the lives of bloggers and content generators more miserable, but the truth is something different. Google has been launching products and product updates that are aimed towards success of bloggers and help them out in ways they even think is simply great. So if you are a blog owner and looking for ways to supercharge your blog, here’s how you can supercharge your Blogging by using the following Google Products. [Read more...]