Well…this is an area where I don’t know what to write or say. I am an SEO Consultant in India who is  interested in making new friends and maintaining it over a lifetime. I come from a beautiful village in Kerala and have been in the online marketing world for the last 4 years.

During these years I have come across a lot of stuffs like SEO, SEM, SMO, Link Building etc. The Online Marketing scenario makes me engaged all the day and I really relish doing different stuffs. I keeps myself updated with the emerging trends by participating in online forums, online communities, social networking etc.

Apart from Online Marketing, TRAVEL is another area of interest. I simply love traveling to new places and learning about that place, especially the villages of India.

If you would like to improve the search engine visibility of  your site, you can get back to me and I would be ready to provide you the necessary SEO consultation.  Apart from SEO consultation, I would be happy to extend my services on Social Media marketing for company. Just fill the contact / comment  form below and I would get back to you at the earliest.


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