How to Hide or Unhide the Subscriber Numbers in a YouTube Channel

YouTube channels is one of the best ways to promote your business on the social media platform and Youtube is also the top video sharing platform on the internet. YouTube channels can showcase your best works so that it is accessible for those who visits your channel directly or comes from various searches.

Visitors can subscribe to your YouTube channel if they find it useful and they can do it in a click of a button. The total number of subscribers will be displayed on your YouTube channel page and the number of subscribers is indeed an indication of how popular your videos are on the internet.

There might be instances when you wish to hide or unhide the subscriber numbers on your YouTube channel for various reasons. It is very much easy to do it and it can be done with a simple click. But you need to know where the option for hiding and unhiding lies in the YouTube channel dashboard.

Here we will just go through the steps which helps you to toggle the hide and unhide buttons for subscriber numbers on Youtube.

1) Go to Creator Studio in Your YouTube channel.

2) Click on the link named “Channels” on the left side. Now you will see the link expanding with more sub links.

3) Click on the link named “Advanced” and a new dashboard section will be loaded.

4) Towards the end of there will be a heading named as “Subscriber counts”, which has two radio buttons.

5) One of the radio button will allow you to display the number of subscribers, where as the second one does the reverse.

Hope that this simple and common tip will be beneficial for all those who are new in managing YouTube account and YouTube channels.

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