How to Create and Use Advanced Segments in Google Analytics [Video]

As we all know, Google Analytics is one of the most powerful and yet free web analytics tool that is available. In my personal point of view, one of the first things that I do while coming online is to log on to my analytics account and see the traffic stats for my different websites. Webmasters simply love navigating through the web analytics data for their website and Google provides one of the best and user friendly web analytics tool.

There are a lot of reporting features available in Google Analytics that can very much help you in figuring out the current traffic stats and make useful decisions for your online business. A lot of important data related to your website can be gathered from Google Analytics and these data can be used effectively to take your business to newer heights. A lot of reports and data can be generated from Google Analytics and the only thing is that you need to have the patience to learn about its various features and explore new things.

One of the most powerful and efficient feature of Google Analytics is the Advanced Segments options where you can customize your reports to suit your needs and requirements. It helps you to create isolated reports from your regular Analytics reports and this will come handy for you when you need to see data for a particular criteria. The below video helps you to create and use Advanced Segments in Google Analytics and this is just a basic video and you can drill down yourself more on Google Analytics to explore the amazing possibilities of Advanced Segments.


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    Hey George,
    I have never thought of the Advanced Segments in Google Analytics before. From what I saw in this video, webmasters sure must take steps to make the most of this tool. Thanks for sharing this video which allows viewers to explore the amazing possibilities of Google Analytics!
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  2. George Abraham says

    Thanks for the Comment Sunday and hope that you have got more insights about Advanced Segments through the video.

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