New Panda Update Rolling Out by Google

In yet another major announcement by Google’s Pierre Far on Google Plus, they have informed that a new Google Panda update has been rolled out.  As per various sources, this is Google’s 27th Panda Update and is known as Panda 4.1. The new Panda 4.1 update is sure to make some waves in the overall all search engine results page which will result in some websites going down in the search results and some website crawling up in the SERPs. For those who have abide by Google’s algorithm policies, this update will not make any serious differences. The update was rolled out earlier this week and has shown some changes in the search engine rankings for a lot of websites.

Experts say that this time also, Google’s update will be aimed at degrading websites with thin, spammy and irrelevant content. The Google Panda update suggests that this will bring a positive effect on small and medium sized website with good content. So ultimately, Google will be looking for the small and medium sized websites fare better in the search engine results pages and there are also a lot of good websites which got struck in the previous updates. They might also get some positive movement if everything is in place.

Google has clearly stated that they are looking to improve the relevancy of their search results pages and a lot of cleaning needs to be done on that. There are a large number of websites still appearing in the search results page, with low quality content. I think that site that have done over optimization or SEO activities might also get hit. These days, business tends to do aggressive SEO tactics to get ranked higher without providing good and relevant content. So such website might experience a backlash this time and at the same time, a lot of website which have improved since the previous updates have witnessed increase in their search engine traffic since last couple of days.

What it becomes clear is that it is high time for the webmasters to say good bye to thin, spam, duplicate and irrelevant content on their website and come up with unique, informative and relevant content. You can no more play game with Google’s search algorithms and with every updates it is become smarter. In the last few days, there were a lot of uproars in various SEO forums regarding changes in the number of search engine traffic and webmasters were really discussing the matter seriously. I strongly believe that it is all due to the Google Panda 4.1 update released recently. The last Panda update was released in May this year and since then a lot of sites with poor content have seen a drastic drop in their search engine traffic.

I also noticed the changes on few of my website for the last few days and after knowing about Google’s Panda update; I assumed that the changes are mainly due to that. I made some changes on the content and overall websites since the last few Google updates and hope that they are really paying off well. Hope that by the next couple of weeks, I can really see some tangible improvements in the number of search engine traffic to my websites.

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