Google Analytics – 3 Important Visitor Activities to Monitor Your Content Popularity

Google Analytics is one of the most powerful, user interactive, efficient and yet free web analytics tool from Google which has a large number of user base. Majority of the webmasters uses Google Analytics for tracking their site traffic, visits, content popularity and other importance factors that can help them in planning their online marketing campaigns in a better way. Google Analytics has been there for a long time and ever since their arrival, they have made various changes and updates to make it more effective from a user point of view.

By closely monitoring your Google Analytics data, you can easily interpret your website’s performance and its shortcomings. This will indeed help you in modifying your website and its content so that it fares much better among the vast internet users and platforms. There are a number of Google Analytics parameters and metrics which makes it easier for your to identify the key issues and areas where your website is lagging and needs improvement. So if you constantly monitor these factors and make necessary changes, you will never feel anxious about your website’s performance in the long run. Let us have a look at 3 of the important visitor activities to monitor and analyze the popularity and performance of your website content.

1) Entrances
The Entrances report in Google Analytics shows you the number of visitors who entered your website by landing on a particular page on your website. The entrance page can be any of the pages on your website which the visitors entered through various online sources. The Entrances metric helps internet marketers to get a clear idea about how often a particular web page was the first page to be visited on a website. This report will clearly give you insight into various other valuable information using which you can polish your website content in a better way. The Entrances report in your Analytics report will be very much vital in analyzing the performance of your website.

2) Bounce Rate
Bounce rate is another important metric in Google Analytics which tells how much engaging your webpage or overall website is. If your website’s bounce rate is too high, then it is pretty clear that users coming to your website are not at all   comfortable or interested with the website content and they straight away leave your website without staying for  a longer time. So by viewing your bounce rate, you can easily identify which area on your website are giving less engagement and you can easily modify your website structure, layout or content so as to make the most visitor engagement and improve your overall bounce rate.

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3) Exit Percentage
Another major Google Analytics factor that can help you in evaluating your website performance is the Exit Percentage. The Exit Percentage is simply the percentage of visitors who had exited from a particular page. In this case the visitors may or may not have visited other pages on your website before exiting from a particular page and they might also have exited from this page. By having a look at the exit percentage for a particular page, you can simply assume that visitors are leaving the website once they reach that particular page and you can easily make changes to that page so the page provides a much better user experience and information.

The above three Google Analytics metrics are the best things to get an overall evaluation about the performance of your website content and these factors should not be taken lightly if you are serious about your website in the long run. So continuously keep track on your websites Entrance pages, Bounce Rate and Exit percentages and make changes accordingly so that your website does not get drained down in the highly competitive online marketing arena. There are also various other Google Analytics metrics that are of high importance and when you merge all these metrics into consideration and make necessary steps, then you can obviously expect for a better internet marketing experience and improved website performance.


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