Google Page Rank Updated

A good thing that has happened on the internet this week was that Google has released yet another page rank update this month and this was something that had been waited by webmasters all over the world. As predicted, Google update its page rank towards the end of July and started rolling out by the first week of August 2012. The last page rank update by Google was around the month of April and ever since webmasters were working hard on their websites to get better ranking in the next page rank update.

A lot of websites have moved up and down in terms of page rank due to the Google page rank update and have to settle with the page rank till the next page rank update. The next Google page rank update is expected to be in November 2012 and till then the webmasters can keep on working and improving the quality of their websites and external links.  For those websites who have got an improved Page Rank this time needs to work more hard to maintain or improve their page rank next time.

A Page Rank is simply Google metric for determining the importance and relevance of  a website or its pages. Google uses a complex algorithm in determining the page rank of a website or its pages and there are many factors that are taken into consideration while implementing the algorithm. Google releases Page Rank updates 3 to 4 times a year and the updates are purely based on Google’s Page Rank algorithm. One of the major factors is the amount of quality links pointing to a website or its pages. This is the major reason why webmasters always give high importance in building quality links to a website.

One of the best ways to view the page rank of a website is to install a Google toolbar on a browser (Internet Explorer) and revoke the Google Page Rank option. Now you will be able to see page ranks corresponding to the website that is opened in the browser. Google Chrome also supports extensions to view the Page Rank of a website or its pages. A website with a better page rank is always regarded a great achievement and getting better page rank always opens up new opportunities for generating more revenue through the website.

A lot of websites which have done better homework and have quality content has managed to get improved Google Page rank, while low quality websites have not gained too much. Websites with low quality content and who have indulged in unethical link building activities have dealt with a great blow after the latest Google Page Rank update. The webmasters of the downgraded websites need not panic, as they can still work on their website and hope for improving their Page Rank in the next update by Google.

They should work towards improving the quality and relevancy of the website and engage in healthy link building activities which will really help them by the next Page Rank update in 2012.

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