Get More Online Marketing Clients with SEMRush Widget

SEMRush Widget is yet another innovation of SEMRush and SEOQuake team which helps you to attract more online marketing clients. The SEMRush Widget is a simple code that can be pasted on your website and once you past the SEMRush Widget code on to your website, you will get a text box to enter any website URL and a submit button to get the SEO/SEM report for that particular URL. The additional feature by SEMRush is free and you can paste it on any website you want.

This code is mainly useful for companies providing online marketing services and such companies can post this widget code on their corporate website or the website which brings them the leads. Once this code is pasted on their website, potential visitors who come on their visitors might try this feature to know more about their internet marketing potential and competitions.

You can enter the URL that you need to compare into the text box and you can also select your geographical location. Once you click the submit button you will see the results which compares your website with three other potential competitors. You can edit the list of the competitors and compare the results again. The results show the comparison reports of your search engine traffic as well as the traffic from paid advertisements (SEM). Below that you can also view the report for the competitor summary which shows you the search engine keywords, search engine traffic, search engine traffic price, paid keywords, paid traffic and paid traffic price. The reports will give you a better idea of how well your website is faring among your competitors.

If you want to get the full report by mail, then you can enter the button with the text “Get Full Report” and they will ask for your email id to which they will mail the full report. Once you enter and submit your email id, you will get a PDF document report in your Inbox and the report contains an additional section which shows the major keywords in search engine traffic for your website.  The keyword report contains information such as the keyword position, its volume, CPC, Traffic percentage, costs percentage, competition and results. This will again give more insight into where your website is positions in the search engine world.

This widget is highly beneficial for online marketing companies as they can place it on their website and potential clients who visit their website can check their online marketing stats. If they feel that they are performing way behind their competitors, they can turn towards the digital marketing company which owns the website for help. This improves the chances of getting an internet marketing client lead which can be converted into a client in the future.

The useful but simple analytics and information provided by the report clearly says whether you need to hire an internet marketing expert for your website or are you there on the top of your competitors. If you feel that you are way behind your competitors, then you can think of hiring and expert for your online marketing activities and traffic generation.

You can try the demo of SEMRush Widget and get a taste of this amazing tool.

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