Google Comes Up with a New Webspam Reporting Form

In its latest move to remove the unwanted or irrelevant listings from its search results Google has come up with a new form for reporting webspam. Webspams are sites which tend to violate the Google Webmaster Guidelines and trick Google so that they rank higher in the search result pages. Google have been fighting against the spam results for a long time and every  time it has come with features which were helpful in removing bad websites from the result pages.

Google had already provided the option for the users to report webspam, but this time Google has come up with an improved version of the webspam reporting form. The new and improved webspam reporting form by Google provides more specific options for the users, so that their complaints would reach the most appropriate team at Google to handle it. This would certainly help Google to improve the quality of their search result along with a much better user experience.

Some of the major types of sites that causes a bad user experience in the results page include sites that involve in paid link business, objectionable content, malware sites, phishing sites and other irrelevant types. Earlier all these types of sites were reported with single web form and as a result it took a longer period for these reports to reach the respective team at Google. But with the new Webspam reporting form by Google, you would be able to tell Google more specifically about the reason for reporting and under which category those web pages are. So reporting through the new webspam form will help Google in sending those reports for the most relevant team that that handles the same and as a result a fast response from Google could be expected.

So next time if you come across any irrelevant or spam web page listing in Google search result, don’t hesitate to report it through the Google’s Webspam reporting form so that you could experience a much better search result next time.

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