10 Tips for Optimizing and Promoting YouTube Videos

YouTube is one of the most powerful and popular video sharing site and is one of the best medium for marketing a product or services visually. Most of the companies create video clips related to their products and services, and upload them on YouTube hoping to get video views and thereby improving their business. Since visual ads are more effective than text ads and image ads, more and more companies are turning towards YouTube videos. YouTube marketing has become one of the best form of online advertising methods and businesses are really willing to invest in this online advertising method.

White uploading videos onto YouTube, there are certain things which can be done in order to optimize and promote the video so that you get more benefit from your Video marketing campaign. These are certain optimization and promotion tips which would help you to get more out of the video marketing campaigns. Here I would like to share 10 major tips for optimizing and promoting YouTube videos, so that you get the most out of it for your business.

1.Create an Optimized Title for Your YouTube Video
Create an optimized title for the YouTube video that you are planning to promote and this title should contain your main keyword in it. Do not try to over stuff the keyword, rather place it in the most genuine way.

2) Optimize the Meta Tags
AS with any web pages, you can also edit the meta tags of your YouTube video. Here also you can optimize the meta tags with your major keywords.

3) Tag Your YouTube Video with Relevant Keywords
Tagging is one of the best way to increase the visibility of your videos in YouTube and hence it is better to tag your videos with the most relevant keywords.

4) Make you video informative and Shorter
While creating the video, you need to make sure that the video is informative enough so that it is always useful to the viewers. Also do not make a long video as no one minds to watch a long video and hence try to make a short video clip of around 3 to 5 minutes duration.

5) Social Bookmarking
You can bookmark your site to some of the major social bookmarking sites, so that it can be viewed by others. Try to bookmark the video in social bookmarking sites specially made for videos.

6) Social Media Promotion
Submit and promote the YouTube videos in the major social media sites to get a good number of traffic and views for the video. This would also help your videos to be linked or bookmarked by others.

7) Article Marketing
You can create an article related to your video along with a link back to the original YouTube vide with relevant anchor text. Once this is done you can promote the article through article directories and social media sites.

8) Promotion through Blogs
Like the article marketing, you can also create a blog post related to the video and linking back to the original video with the perfect anchor text. After your blog post is published, you can also share this via social media sites.

9)Submitting to Video Sites
You can also submit the original videos to other major video sharing sites, with a link back to the original YouTube video.

10) Commenting and Voting on Other Videos
Always leave your comment, response and votes on other related videos in the proper way. It will help you in getting traffic to your Video as the owner of the video may visit your profile and view your videos.


  1. says

    Excellent tips sharing here to optimize and promote our business through video marking and After see this post, I have to follow this hierarchy for doing video marketing and Literally you did good explain here which tips we have keep in our mind when upload video in youtube site and others..Thanks

  2. The Hero says

    I have personally noticed that commenting and voting others video work well as compared to the other ways. Meta Tags also play major role in promoting video. Really very interesting post but there are some typo mistakes like the one at the start of the second paragraph.

  3. SEO Bible says

    Promoting YouTube videos is quite difficult task to do if you don’t know the right way to do. There is no doubt that YouTube can bring enormous amount of traffic on your website but for we need to know the best way to do this. These are some very good tips to achieve the target and sticking to these tips can help a lot.

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