IZEA Acquires Magpie

IZEA, the leaders in sponsored conversations has acquired German based Twitter advertising network Magpie. IZEA have built various platforms that is aimed at connecting brands and advertisers on various social media networks. The 3 year old Magpie ( be-a-magpie.com ), is one of the first company of its kind that offered in-stream ads on Twitter. Both advertisers and publishers have benefited from Magpie in these years.

The Magpie network claims to have over 12,000 advertisers and 16,000 Twitter publishers in 124 different countries.  Some of its extreme clients includes big names such as Burger King, Heineken, Playstation and Audi. Magpie has a strong client base in the Europe and this acquisition would help IZEA to expand their social media sponsorship operations in Europe.

The existing Magpie users do not have any reason to worry as they would be migrated swiftly to IZEA’s advertising platform namely sponsoredtweets.com. Magpie users can use their existing credentials to log into the new IZEA advertising platform.  The Magpie credentials would continue to work for a while till their accounts are verified and the balance cash has been transferred over.

As of now, the Magpie users cannot make new deposits or withdrawals from Magpie. Users would also not be able to create any new campaign  or accept new Tweets on Magpie advertising network. For that they have to use the sponsoredtweets.com.

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