Some of the Best Ways to Analyze a Website While Doing SEO

Analyzing a website is one of the most basic things and equally important when it comes to SEO. There are a lot of things that needs to be analyzed properly before going on full fledged with your search engine optimization campaigns. The website analysis section can be basic or deep analysis depending upon the nature of the website. The website analysis part is the basic activity for any SEO campaigns and cannot be easily ignored.

The analyzing parameters differs in various websites, but there are some common things that can be put in your website analysis checklist. Some of those most common things and methods to analyze your website are given below.

1) Check the Website Age
The website age is an important factor which has a great influence on your SEO out put and hence it is always a good idea to check the age of the website as well as its expiry date. The older the website, much easier it would be to rank higher in the search engines.

2) Check the Alexa Rank
Checking the Alexa rank would always help you to analyze your site in a better way as Alexa show various sensitive details regarding your website traffic and you can make the Alexa rank as a yardstick for your SEO campaign for a particular website.

3) Check the Contents in the Website
Checking the content of the website would give you a better idea of how efficiently you can carry out your SEO campaign. You have to make necessary changes in the content as per your SEO requirement.

4) Check the Site Architecture
Check the site architecture of your website to make sure that it is adhering to the basic SEO standards. The site architecture also has its own share of influence in determining the search engine performance of a particular website.

5) Check the Web Analytics Stats
If the website is using any of the web analytics tools then it is better to have a look at the stats offered by the web analytics tool. This would help you in understanding the amount of traffic coming to the site, the major traffic sources, geographical location etc.

6) Check the Relevancy of the Keywords
If you have the final set of keywords in hand, make sure that all those keywords are relevant to the website’s content. If you find anything irrelevant, then you can move it from the list.

7) Check the Search Engine Rankings of the Keywords
Once you have the final set of keywords, make a keyword ranking report of those keywords before starting serious SEO for your site. This ranking report will be your benchmark report and you can compare the progress of your keyword ranking with this bench mark report.

8) Check the Google Webmaster Tool Information
Google webmaster tool is an ingredient tool for analyzing a website and make sure that your website is verified using a Google Webmaster tool. The tool helps you to gather many informative data which would help you in implementing your SEO activities.

9) Check the Competitors
Most of the website have their competitors placed high on search engine rankings and hence it is always better to analyze the competitors of a particular website before the SEO process. You can check the backlinks of the competitors, the areas where they are listed, the keyword they are targeting etc.

The above mentioned points would surely help you in your SEO activities and if these are done properly you can feel the improvements in your overall search engine performance. But unfortunately most of the webmasters miss out on these basis website anlaysis activities as a result of which they suffer in the SEO campaigns.

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