Google Updates Its Page Rank

Google have recently given an updates on its PageRank and as a result most of the websites have started showing a difference in their existing page ranks. You can get your updated Google Page rank via the Google toolbar and see whether your site page rank has improved or not. Most of the webmasters have reported a change in their existing Google Page rank.

Google has around more than 200 signals that it uses to determines the ranking of a website and Google Page Rank is just one of them. Even though Google PageRank does not have high significance like it had before, most of the webmasters wish to have an increased Google Page Rank as they consider it an added benefit and a privilege. Once Google had also stated in its blog that there is no need to worry about the page ranks and their is no point in focusing more on the page rank.

Most of the forums, groups and communities related to SEO have been talking about the recent Google Page Rank update and from this it is quite evident that Google has rolled out its Page Rank update across the globe. Most of the webmasters in the forums were quite happy about the page rank update they got, while some of the webmasters experienced a decreased Google Page Rank update.

Google does not update the Page rank on the Google tool bar too often and does it only once or twice in an year. The last time Google Updated its page rank was almost 6 months ago. For those who have got their Google Page Rank improved would have enough reasons to be happy as it might have come as a result of their hard work throughout the year. Those who didn’t get an improved PR does not need to worry, as page rank is not a real matter to worry as long as you are getting quality and relevant traffic from the search engines and other online channels.


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    A lot of sites involved in linking have increased a lot, sometimes even 3 ranks up. However pagerank is just a small factor in a large algorithm that includes also other factors like traffic, bounce back to results ratio and social media activity.

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