5 Features Required for Quality Article Writing

Article marketing is one of the most popular ways of link building and is an essential part of an SEO project. Since article marketing can help you in getting backlinks and traffic to your site, you need to be careful while writing articles for your online marketing purposes. There are thousands of new articles popping out on the net every day and majority of them are of less value due to their low quality. If an article is not having any quality or does not offer anything to the reader, then these articles are of no use.

So if you want to reap the benefits of your article marketing campaign, then you need to make sure that the articles that you are creating meets certain standards so that it stands apart from other ordinary articles.  Here are 5 features that are required for bringing quality to your articles so that you don’t miss out on the potential benefits that you get from these articles.
1) Well Written and Optimized
The articles should be well written in the sense that it should follow all the basic ethics of professional article writing. If should also take the SEO point into consideration and should be well optimized with the target keywords.

2) No Grammatical-error and no typos
If you are writing an article with a lot of information after spending a lot of time you need to make sure that it is having atleast some minimum article qualities such as good grammar and less typos. Make sure that there are no grammatical errors and also check that all the words in the articles are spelled in the correct way.

3) 100% Originality and Uniqueness
The articles should be 100 % percent original and unique. Try to make your articles as original as possible, which would lead to better reputation. Even if you are taking any other existing articles for reference, do not copy and paste the exact article. Modify the articles in your own words an ideas, and then go for publishing it.

4) Word count 300-500 words minimum
Nobody would be caring to read an article which are 1000 or more words long, as every one needs to get a full ideal about the article in a short time. If your article is too long, one may not dare to read the article and they may skip to any other sources on the net. Make it as consise as possible, so that the readers do not get the feeling that it is taking too much time to read the article. Make the size of the article between 300 – 500 words, so that one does not need to spend  a long time reading the articles.

5) Informative and interesting to read.
Beside making the articles concise, give more focus on making the article more informative and interesting to read. Making the article informative is somewhat easy, but the real challenge lies in making it interesting to the readers. This requires creativity and skills so that the message in the article is conveyed to the readers in the best way.

The above mentioned things make sure that your articles does not get drowned along with the other ordinary articles. If your article stand apart from other low grade articles, then you are sure to enjoy a good search engine rankings and traffics from these articles.

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