Checking the Content Uniqueness of a Fresh Article

Content is one of the most important part of a website and the success of a website mainly depends upon its content. Content literally speaks about the website, its services, products etc and hence content is given high priority while launching a  new website. A website or web page with a lot of content is expected to fare better in the search engine ranking. There are a lot of professional content writers available who can get compelling and relevant content to your website.

There are certain professional content writers who promises to get you the best content for your website and delivers them in time. The webmaster usually fails to check the content and post it directly on to the live website.  Most of the time, in an hurry to finish the content writing work the writers try to copy from other sources on the internet and does not even try to atleast spin them. The webmaster generally keeps a trust on the writers and post them on to the website without checking. But since the content is not unique and is copied from some other sources, the website fails to perform in the search engine ranking even after several months. This would inturn hamper all the SEO activities and plans.

The originality or uniqueness of a website content needs to be strictly followed to get better search engine ranking and see good ROI on our SEO campaign. There are various methods to check the originality of the existing and fresh content. Here our subject is about checking the content uniqueness of fresh content that is written by a professional content writer. Checking the uniqueness of a fresh content which is not yet live is entirely different from checking content from a live site. There may be various tools or software to deal with the issue, but I rely upon a single method and that is Googling the content manually.

When you get a content, just select a single line from the content and Google it within double quotes. If the content is stolen from anywhere, then you can see the resources in the search list. If the content is original and unique, then your will not see any similar content in the search results. This may be a bit time consuming, but is the best way to check the originality of the content.

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