6 Things That Are Usually Missed Out While Doing SEO

Usually we all do SEO for websites in order to optimize the site as much as possible for better search engine placements. We all follow various steps and techniques in order to achieve this. We do both on-page and offpage optimization as precise as possible to get more returns on our SEO efforts. Different SEOs implement different SEO tactics and technique to get better search engine rankings.  But there are some simple things that we generally forget to include in our SEO activities and these simple things can really create difference in our overall SEO activities. Here I have listed few points which are usually missed in our search engine optimization activities and these things needs to be addressed for better SEO results.

1) URL Canonization Issues

This is one of the most general thing that one misses out while doing SEO. Usually when a new website is launched the website would be having both www and non www versions. If a website have both these version, then search engines generally tend to see these two versions as 2 different URLs. So it is better to redirect the non www version to the www version for better search engine rankings. But generally this thing is ignored in most cases.

2) Customized 404 Error Page
A customized 404 error page makes sure that you do not lose majority of your visitors once they land on a broken link or wrongly typed URL. So it is mandatory to create and configure a 404 error page in your website and this is one simple thing that is missed in the general SEO activities.

3) Backlink Quality
Backlink is an essential part for getting better search engine ranking and acts as a great support for our SEO activities. SEOs tries hard to get as many backlinks possible to their site, but in most cases they end up in getting low quality and irrelevant backlinks. Make sure that backlinks are of high quality so that the website does not suffer in the long run

4) Internal Linking
Internal link is the link of different pages of the website from the same website either through link navigation or from the content. Most SEOs give little importance for this but internal linking cannot be ignored as they are capable of improving the search engine rankings for your website.

5) Anchor Text Optimization
While getting backlinks or internal links to your site make sure that you have used the right and best anchor text. Mostly in an SEO campaign we can see that despite getting backlinks, the anchor texts are not properly optimized. Try to optimize your anchor text by putting the important and relevant keywords.

6) Website Speed
Website speed plays an important role in getting better search engine rankings in the major search engines and Google has clearly stated this fact sometime before. Most of the SEOs and webmaster miss out on this factor. Make sure that your website have a decent speed so that your site does not miss out on better search engine rankings.


  1. Jason the GRT says

    Yes L.Duplicate and irrelevant content is one of the most common thing that we can see around as a result of people try to get quick result out of their SEO activities.


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