Important Things to Do While Hiring an SEO Specialist

The demand for specialized and skilled SEO professional is on the rise these days and we can find a large number of SEO experts if we search on the net. Most of the companies have multiple websites aimed at bringing business and revenue. But most of these websites are not at all optimized for search engines, as a result of which these websites fails to deliver upto the expectations. It is under these circumstances that the company turn towards the idea of hiring an SEO specialist for optimizing their website.

In the present scenario there would not be any difficulty in finding an SEO expert for your website and we just need to select the right guy  who can optimize our websites. You can hire an SEO specialist as a permanent staff in your company or you an even hire a SEO freelancer to get your website optimized.

While you hire an SEO specialist there are some things that you need to know and do in order to get an idea of what the SEO specialist could or would be doing for your website. These may vary from person to person, but there are some basic things that you need to do and take care while hiring an SEO specialist. Some of them are listed below.

1) Make Yourself a Quick Analysis of the Website
Even though you do not have a deep knowledge about SEO, try to make a quick analysis of your website by your self. Some of the basic things that you can check includes your site’s Page rank, Alexa rank, number of backlinks etc. If your site has an Analytics installed, then you may also go through the analytics stats. All these activities would help you to assess the work of your SEO specialist and you could also suggest any improvement if needed.

2) Analyse Your Staff Resources and Limitation
The SEO you hired may not be able to implement all the suggestions for optimizing a website. There are many changes like website design and architecture, modifying the dynamic pages, Server level changes etc which needs the help of a designer, a programmer and a server admin. So depending upon the nature of the site, you need to make sure that you have all these resources in hand, other wise you will again have to outsource these things. Also better to have a data entry operator at your side to do some bit and pieces job.

3) Get a Step by Step Detailed Plan from the SEO
Before starting the optimization of your website, try to get a step by step and detailed project plan from your SEO specialist. From this you could know what he is going to do and would also help you in assessing if your money is being spend in the right way. The plan should also cover the number of hours that would take for complete each work

4) Get a Priority List for the Plans
You should also get a priority list for the  executable plans from the SEO specialist, before he start optimizing your website.

5) Get the work report on a Weekly Basis
Once the SEO has started working on the website, make sure that you get his work report once in a week so that you can keep track on the things that are done on your website.

6) Monthly Ranking Reports
Monthly reports helps you to analyse and assess the results of the SEO activities done on your website. So always ask for a monthly website ranking report from your SEO specialist.

There are many other minor things that one should do, but as a business owner you could not waste your time in those small things. So the above given points are some of the major things that you need to do which hiring an SEO specialist for your business.


  1. Linda says

    Yes….Life has become miserable for me since the moment our company hired an SEO. He is really irritable and I never feel comfortable working with him…Getting SEO reports from him is a tedious task…

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