Some Basics on Google Instant Search

Google Search Engine has unvieled one of its biggest change in the user interface of since the search engines came into existtence with Google Instant. Google Instant search is one of its most sophisticated engineering projects for Google and was rolled out to everyone few days back. Google Instant may not cause any worries for SEOs but gives you a new user experience and speeds up your search. It is found that the new Google Instant search algorithm helps the searcher to save 2 to 5 seconds per search.

Google Instant provides immediate feedback to users and helps to refine the searches to get precisely matching results. With Google Instant search, whenever you start typing a letter you would be able to see popular search results for keywords starting with that letter. You can see a drop down of keywords as with the Google suggestion tool and you can easily selected the desired keywords quickly. Whenever you type new characters the keywords in the dropdown menu changes along the the results page and ads. The search results that is shown would be based on the predicted query.

For example when you type “face” in the search box, the new algorithm would predict that you are searching for “facebook” and displays the result page and ads for “facebook”. Here “facebook” is the predicted query. The results page would remain the same unless you type anything different that leads to a different predicted query.

To enjoy the benefits of Google Instant search you needs to have an internet connection with good speed and if it is not upto the mark, you would not be able to see the Instant search results in action. There are claims that Google instant would have a negative impact on SEO and some have even predicted the death of SEO. But I am pretty sure that would not happen, but there would be some  drastic changes in SEO practices in the coming years.

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