to Stop it activities from October, another small social bookmarking and news aggregating site is set to stop it activities from October 2010 onwards. is owned by AOL- Netscape and works very much similar to the way the old Digg did. Users can share stories / news, vote for other stories and also comment on stories. Based on the number of votes the stories would be displayed on the front page.

The site is useful in getting some small traffic to our website and some of the popular categories of include Politics, World News and Health. The recent time have witnessed a decline in the overall user activity at accompanied by some poor technical flaws on the website. The technical flaws has led to more user migrating away from this site. This is evident from the stories that are present on the front page and top story section. A story with a fewer vote of 2-4 would appear on the front page and the front page normally consists of some spam stories.’s plan to stop it activities have left me shocked as I was a regular user for the past few years and have made a good network.  All my hard work have been drowned and hope that I need to find out some similar news aggregating site for my online marketing purpose. I would not like to go ahead with the new Digg and it would be pretty hard to find a new site and build a reputation.

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