Why SEO is the best form of online marketing?

Online marketing and advertising is on the rise and more and more companies turn towards the internet to promote its products or services. Online marketing includes services such as SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing etc. All of these services have their own benefits such as speed, accuracy, reach, conversion rate etc.

In my opinion SEO is the one of the best online advertising or marketing techniques and the reasons are many. This differs from industry to industry and there might be industry which gets its online marketing benefits from techniques other than SEO. Other online advertising methods might be fast, have better conversion, drives good traffic etc, but the advantages of SEO in online advertising is really great.

Some of the major reasons why I rate SEO as the best online marketing technique are listed below. (This is just my personal view and not a public opinion).

1) Cheap and Affordable
SEO is considered to be one of the cheapest and affordable form of online advertising methods as it does not require to spend money on a regular basis Once you do SEO properly, you will get its benefits for some time without spending anything extra.

2) Long Term Results
Once SEO is done properly we can expect long term results without much maintenance. But when we use other online advertising and marketing techniques we need to spend money consistently for better results.

3) Higher ROI
Since SEO is cheap and affordable, naturally its ROI is also high provided the SEO is done in the right way and the website is getting targeted visitors.

4) Large Coverage Potential
As with other online marketing methods SEO is also having a large coverage potential or wider reach. This helps in getting more targeted visitors from different locations.

5) Relevant visitors
Usually traffic from SEO brings in relevant visitors as people get on to your site after searching for their targeted keywords on any search engine. They would only enter your website from the search engines if they feel satisfied with the snippets shown in search results.

6) Reasonably Good Sales conversion rate
Since the traffic from SEO is relevant and mostly qualified, you could enjoy a reasonable good sales conversion rate.


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    Yeah, You are right. Now a days people are paying high for getting their names listed in search engines. Many of them are not getting satisfied results. Having a blog on SEO, you can share more tips on the basics, for beginners.

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    Hi George,
    Great explanation why SEO is so cool. I heard if google changes some kind of algorithm, which they do time to time, you site can go down from number one to number 6, well it depends.But still its not that bad. I would consider that another cool traffic strategy is JV.

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