Using Google Analytics Does not Have Negative Effects on Rankings

Will Using Google Analytics Have A Negative Effect On My Ranking? This question have been asked a several times on many search forums and people were really feared if there is something that would affect their search ranking with the use of Google Analytics. In the latest Google Analytics Blog Post, Matt Cutts has answered this query and the answer is a big no. There is no way that Google Analytics usage would affect your search engine rankings.

People have always complained that the use of Google Analytics code on their web page increases the load time of their website. This makes their website appear to be slow and since Google takes the web site speed into account while ranking a website, many webmasters were left confused. But as per Matt Cutts Google Analytics’  new asynchronous Java script code avoids the issue of load time and it makes the website more faster. None of the data from Google Analytics is taken into account for determining the search engine ranking of  a particular website and it is pretty safe to use Google Analytics to track your website.

Watch the Video by Matt Cutts regarding this.

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